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Hello Everyone!

I'm new to this forum, looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences with this sweet SG.

A buddy of mine, (since we were kids) and I decided we wanted to purchase each an M4. I'm hearing all kinds negative things from people off this site, and wanted have some of you disprove some of them to reassure that spending 1500+ on a SG is a good move.

1) What rounds are best in this SG, I'm not hunting, this is for out door range activity and home protection. I'm looking at 00 Buck, but which brand and sizes have the LEAST problems in your experiences?

2) Which rounds should be totally AVOIDED in your experiences?

Thanks for any and all input!

We are looking forward to the purchase, although I'm not sure his wife, and my g/f would agree, hehehe.

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Yeah, other than very low recoil rounds, most stuff should cycle reliably in an m4 (after the initial break-in, that is). Breaking it in shouldn't be an issue, as you should really go to the range a few times and run a few hundred shells through it to familiarize yourself with it anyway.


For home defense, I hear #1 buckshot is the way to go. 00 can overpenetrate, which could be a problem if you have other people in other rooms to worry about. Hey, it's a semi-auto, though, so you can always load the magazine tube up with a mix to suit your needs. It's not like you can't get to the big stuff quick if you REALLY need to.

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I would say just buy it. The M4 is one awesome shotgun! If you worry about what others may say about reliability you will never find a manufacturer that can guarantee total reliability.

I have had mine nearly a year and about 1000 rounds through it without one problem!!

It will feed whatever I put in it. I don't know if it has a favorite load but it shoots Win Power Point slugs quite well along with Federal Tactical 00 buck.

Any of the low power ammo may not always cycle so if you need to shoot that stuff, buy a pump. Maybe I'm just lucky but no problems with any of my Nelli's.

Buying any Benelli is a good move. :D

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I love my M4!


I have about 600 low recoil shells through it with 2 malfunctions. This is very good for break in and the fact that I was firing low recoil shells. Both malfunctions occured in the first 200 shells.


I have fired Federal LR 00 buck, Remington Buckhammer LR slugs, and Remington LR 00 buck.


The shotgun is very accurate, handles well, and is super easy to break down and clean.


My only issue is with Benelli customer service. Long hold times on the phone, no toll free number, customer service reps who don't know what they are talking about, and they probably will not give you a choke tube tool or a full set of chokes with your shotgun (which they are supposed to do!).

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