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Knapp shoots a case of clays...with one shot.


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For those who may not know what a punt gun was used for:




From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A punt gun is a type of extremely large shotgun used in the 19th and 20th centuries for shooting large numbers of waterfowl for commercial harvesting operations.

Punt guns were usually custom-designed and so varied widely, but could have bore diameters up to 2 inches.

A single shot could kill a whole flock of waterfowl resting on the water's surface.

They were too big to hold and the recoil so large that they were mounted directly on the punts used for hunting, hence their name.

Hunters would maneuver their punts quietly into line and range of the flock using poles or oars to avoid startling them.

To improve efficiency hunters could work in fleets of up to around ten punts.


In the United States, this practice depleted stocks of wild waterfowl and by the 1860s most states had banned the practice. The Lacey Act of 1889 banned the transport of wild game across state lines, and the practice of market hunting was outlawed by a series of federal laws in 1918. There are few punt guns remaining.


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