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SBEII jamming


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Hello everyone. I am a long time reader, first time poster.


Last week I went to Louisiana on a duck hunting trip and had my left handed SBEII jam on multiple occasions. It was always the third shell. I was shooting Winchester 3.5 inch, High Velocity, #3's. I have put around 200 shells through this gun and had this happen approximately 10 times. It has always been with 3.5 inch shells. When the jam occurs, the receiver remains open and the third shell doesn't come up from below. I will attempt to attach a photo. I clean my SBEII after each hunt and have only light oil on internal parts. Interestingly, our guide also had a new SBEII LH and had the same thing happen twice during our 3 days of hunting.


I love this gun and want to find a solution to this problem. Any ideas besides wait until the end of duck season and contact Benelli? Thanks in advance.



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I've shot Xpert, Drylock, Fasteel, Federals, Remingtons, AA's and Estates with zero jams.

I guess I'm just lucky.


Make sure you're keeping the gun firmly seated against your shoulder through all three shots.

It woud be an instinctive tendency to start moving away from anything that just pounded you twice in the shoulder, rahter than let it hit you again.

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I think I'm seeing something in common with many of the SBE jamming problems reported here lately. Most if not all of them involve Winchester ammo. I could be wrong though. Anyway, I don't shoot Win. ammo in anything I own simply because I have two semi-auto rifles that will not cylce any Win. ammo. Actually, my Remington 597 .22 mag will occasionaly cycle win. ammo in the heavier bullet weights but that's it. So maybe it's Win. ammo that's giving some folks fits.


By the way urodawg, your well put question about your problem is greatly appreciated. Much better than all the whining and crying that's been showing up lately. I wish I was more of a gun wizard and could help more. Others may be able to. Good luck. And try some other ammo.

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The reason the Benelli jams and it's not a cleaning problem is because the shotgun has to BE SHOULDERED correctly, otherwise the INERTIA RECOIL OPERATION cannot work right. That is why the new M4 shotgun is both INERTIA RECOIL and GAS OPERATED is because when you add lots of weight, ie.... lights, sights, accessories, the Inertia Recoil cannot do it's job, so they made it GAS OPERATED too, as a backup.


So shoulder the gun firmly and you shouldn't have that problem any more.


Good Hunting. Tell us if this solves ur problem.

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tongue.gif Yes I would have to agree with USMARINE, alot of the problems is not mounting the weapon properly so the inertia system can function correctly.


For example when you shoot a handgun and limp wrist it during a shoot, you can cause a malfunction such as a stove pipe or misfeed. Remember when duck hunting with soft heavy clothing to keep warm just make sure your mounting it correctly.

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First of all, thanks everyone for the information.


Here is my plan of attack for this problem:


1. I will concentrate on the shouldering of the gun. I must say I doubt this is the problem. I'm 6'4'', 240 lbs. and really don't feel any recoil when I'm concentrating on the shot, even with 3.5's.


2. I am going to avoid Winchester and shoot something else the rest of the season, maybe Kent's.


3. If the jamming issue on the third shell continues to be a problem, I will contact Benelli and see what they say. I may even send the gun back for them to look at AFTER the season.


Thanks again.

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I would definitely try to fix the problems BEFORE you send it in.


AND if that doesn't fix it, I would definitely send it in WAY before the season starts.


I'm 5'3, 108lbs and I've never had a problem with my Benelli SBE II.


My twin has never had any problems with his Benelli SBE I.


My friend has a Benelli SBE II and he's 6'2, 214lbs. And he HAS HAD PROBLEMS. It was shouldering it. So what can I say.


Go try it out and see what you think. I would try shouldering it right with the SAME AMMO you were when you had the ORIGINAL PROBLEMS, and see if shouldering it IS the problem, before you always have to shoot a certain ammo.


Tell us how it goes. Good luck.

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Actually, the rotary bolt face is independent of the Inertia design. The older Benelli SL series and Beretta ES100/Pintail are both Inertia operated and do not have a rotary bolt faces. They are close to the more traditonal top locking lugs found on non rotary bolt's. The only difference is they used a bottom locking lug.

There are several other gas auto's besides the M4 that use a rotary bolt face. The Beretta Xtrema's, and Franchi's 612,712, and 912. The Winchester 1300 pump shotgun used a rotary bolt face long before Benelli put one on any semi auto.

A rotary bolt faces function is no different than a top locking lug. It's just a different way of locking the bolt to the chamber when the round is fired.


The Rotary bolt has both advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages: Reduced weight because a barrel extention is not needed when the face locks closer to the chamber. There is a little more lug surface making it a little stronger.


Disadvantages: It takes more foward force to lock the bolt closed. They are easier to come out of battery accidently(unlocked). They add length to the bolt and receiver.,making the gun longer in overall length.

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