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GG&G Tactical Bolt Release Question


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Yesterday, after installing several updates, I took the M4 out for a session of spirited shooting with its' brothers.  Everything went well, with a few TBD items cropping up (mostly Loctite-related), but one issue has me perplexed so, before I screw something up, I figured I'd ask your opinion here.  The issue is around my recently-installed GG&G Tactical Bolt Release.  After about 50 shots when I switched from bird shot to slugs (limited availability of 12 Ga. here), I began to notice that the bolt release pad was getting progressively more difficult to depress.  After shooting all 5 slugs, I examined the gun and noticed that the spring is now sideways (see attached picture)!  It was normally positioned before I left, and the M4 was able to perfectly cycle 12 Ga Snap Caps with no problem.  So - question 1:  what holds that spring in place?  I must have messed up something, but was careful and didn't lose any parts/pieces when I installed it.  And, question 2:  best recommended way to put the spring properly back in without removing the bolt release?  I don't have any more roll pins and was hoping to be able to put it in there with minimal disassembly.

Thanks for any guidance or advice you can provide.



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This happened to me as well, though it got so bad that the spring was completely deformed. A buddy gunsmith of mine theorized that the spring that came with the GG&G bolt was a different tension then the factory spring and that's what led to the spring coming undone. We put the stock spring in and I've had zero issues since.

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You might be able to get one from GG&G. I'm not sure if the spring weight is different than the OEM one. You could reinstall your OEM one in the mean time to see if any issues arise. If I had to guess, I'd assume they were the same. Anywhere else you'll be buying an OEM spring anyway from places like Brownels, MGW, or Numrich.

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