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Blue Force Sling position?


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Posted earlier about the kick of some Black Ace 00Buck I shot today.  Pretty strong.

But really had a hard time finding a good position for Blue force padded sling.

I have an IWC light mount with the QD up front and attached to a field stock on the back.

Anybody else run this setup?   Kept hanging up when I would bring up from a free hanging position.

I run these on many of my rifles and love them.  

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when i am shooting/carrying right-handed, i place the forward QD on the L side and the rear stock mount on the R. with the sling tightened down, the rear either goes over the butt or over the top of the stock. switch both for L handed operation. (i have learned to shoot L or R handed due to R shoulder injury i am still rehabbing.  in reality it has been good to be forced to train on my non-dominant side, because, you never know ...).

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I found the field stock doesn’t sling as well as one with a pistol grip. The pistol grip acts as a brace to keep the shotgun from rolling. I find the sling point is too far forward too. One of the biggest benefits of the collapsible stock is a mount that rides closer to the buttpad. 

Be sure to set your sling length so when you cinch it down, the shotgun is held tight to your body. You won’t be able to shoulder it until you let the slack out with the adjustment tab. You want it to tighten fully against you so you can go hands free without it trying to flop around. Shoulder transitions are going to feel awkward. 

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Thats the trouble I was having.  Cinched down. Not very good position for pistol transitions.  Also got a mesa 8 rounder hanging on the rail.

I want to get another and go adjustable stock and more lightweight eventually.  Too many other purchases ahead of that for right now.

I may stirp back down to a minimum.


     Do you know if the limbsaver pad on a mesa will fit the field stock?  It looks a little different.

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Those side saddles are miserable when slung. They really dig into your back and make the receiver teeter against you. A lot of guys have moved to the Velcro type shell holders so they can rip the carrier off when needed or slap additional carriers on. I personally keep rounds on my belt to keep the weight off the gun and if you use something like California Competition she’ll holders, they’re faster than cherry picking a round at a time and inserting them. I scoop 3 shells at a time and stuff them in. Some guys can do 4. That way you only have one hand movement from the belt to the gun rather than multiple trips back and forth to top off. I get wanting to have shells with the gun for a grab and go. My work around for that is a bandolier with the shotgun. It’ll hold 55 rounds in it and I can throw it over my shoulder if needed. 

Treat the cinched down option as a hands free position. When I’m out hiking, I’ll throw the rifle or shotgun behind me and hook the sling behind my hip mounted handgun to keep it from wanting to swing forward. 

I don’t think so on the Limbsaver. They have a special attachment system if I recall. For a field stock, I’d try to get an Airtech 10817 on it. It will take some modifications to make it fit and a Noveske adapter plate. You could do a regular Limbsaver 10403 without the adapter plate. 

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