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Light upgrade on my M4


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Became a big fan of Cloud Defensive after I learned about them last year.  My first was the OWL.  Then I got two of the new REIN lights one of them being a Micro REIN.  Tried to see about mounting one of the REINs on my M4 but couldn't get it just right in the way it should be practical.  Now with the CD trade in program where they give you $100 for any weapons light toward one of their OWL, REIN or REIN Micro lights.  So I ordered another OWL and decided to see if it would work and be practical at the same time.  Well, I think it works great.  It acts as a hand stop right where my hand naturally stops.  And the switch is in the reach of my thumb without having to stretch or change.  




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11 minutes ago, StrangerDanger said:

What mount is the Cloud Defensive light attached to?

SD, I would be lying if I told you.  I bought it several years ago and don't remember the brand.  It has been rock solid so far.  Here is a few pics of it.



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