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Dual wield Benelli M4’s? Yes please!


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First of all, all thanks to @StrangerDanger for his excellent write ups on how to remove/swap out recoil tubes. FYI that as his newer How To states, whatever threadlocker they use on the newer guns, my heat gun was absolutely no match for it.  I heated for over an hour and a half, and not even the nut would budge!  I then pulled out a small cheap adjustable propane torch, and BAMMM, less than 5 minutes and I had the nut off, and a couple of minutes later the tube rotated easily and removed!  Zero damage and zero markings to the reciever, and actually it was much cooler after I was done with the propane torch then it was when I heated the nut for 1 and a half hours with the heat gun. So small propane torch is the way to go for sure! I used this cheap small but adjustable Benzomatic, set to a very low pencil flame setting, and regular old blue bottle propane. https://www.bernzomatic.com/Products/Hand-Torches/Trigger-Start/WT2301
Only problem is that I now had to do the whole procedure TWICE,? see explanation below . . .
Since I really wanted a fully collapsing stock M4 like we all do, as you all know the only way to get the parts needed right now is to pay a fortune on Gunbroker, get lucky, or wait for one of the vendors to get one in stock.  So i had devised a plan to buy both a standard stock M4 and a M1014 which comes with the Cstock but on a fixed recoil tube in stock.  As you know from my earlier posts, my first M4 I bought has had all kinds of trouble, but hopefully now with some light at the end of the tunnel in getting a new bolt sent from Benelli, I went ahead and swapped recoil tubes, since as you know  the regular M4 has the correct 3 position tube under the pistol grip stock.  Pain in the butt  way to get to how the gun should have been imported from the start, but done now! Plan is to sell the extra M4 (with full disclosure to buyer that it now has the single position tube in it).  Lots of $$$ invested initially, but should come out net much cheaper than if I bought a Cstock or 3 position recoil tube right now off Gunbroker at current prices.  PS- I am aware of the differences RE M1014 having fixed choke etc, but for some unknown reason to me I just like that it has the M1014 markings and flag, and wont ever be changing out chokes anyways, so that is the one I was planning on keeping from the start ;-).  
Let me know what you think! Good to have a bit of a win after all the trouble of dealing with my M4’s problems . . . ?


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I did the same thing - bought both M1014 and M4 and swapped the recoil tubes.  I used a Wagner heat gun.  The first one took a while; for the second one I used the concentrator that came with the heat gun (basically a nozzle that necks down the hot air flow) and it took significantly less time.)

My only challenge is now I want to keep both.  I like the variety (stocks, chokes, charging handles) and both run great.  

Picture below was before the tube swap. 

M4s - Copy.jpg

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