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Insane $$$$ Shotguns!!!


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Being a enthusiast of tactical firearms & shooting..and luv for all/anything Benelli M4..thought I’d share a pretty eye-popping experience with this forum. Where I live in Virginia I attended an exclusive & private event for a soon to open state of the art indoor shooting & fitness facility.  There was a rep. from Holland & Holland shotguns that brought approx. a dozen shotguns. Holland & Holland is based in London England and has been making shotguns since late 1800’s. The purchase prices of the shotguns the rep. brought to the event were $75,000 to over $190,000… holy shit Batman!  Clearly world-class sporting side by side & over under sporting shotguns that are works of art & intricately built(each one takes 1+ year to build)..meticulously engraved steel, tolerances/lock ups were seamless to handle, removable polished steel trigger-groups(w/dozens of small parts & failure points!) and the balance-swing-feeling was something to behold..but..naahh..at the end of the day I’ll take my Benelli M4’s with personal mods all day/every day. Maybe if I was a billionaire?..hmm..I might have me sum Holland & Holland and also Cosmi shotguns and other collector firearm pieces on display to show friends at Christmas while sipping brandy and discussing our next fox hunt with beagles & horseback. 

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If you want to see hundreds of $100K shotguns at one time, go the the Southern Side by Side Exposition at Deep River Sporting Clays outside of Sanford, NC.  I would estimate that Connecticut Firearms had several million in guns at their display and they are probably 10% of the show.

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