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It can and does happen


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Geauga County Sheriff Daniel McClelland said Daniel E. Ott, 31, was shot and killed in his rental home at 16058 Claridon-Troy Road, or Route 700. Ott's hands were bound by duct tape. He escaped and then scuffled with the unidentified intruder before being shot, according to police.


The victim died at UHHS Geauga Regional Hospital in Claridon Township yesterday morning, the sheriff said.


Maryann J. Ricker, 35, was inside the home with Ott, but was not duct-taped or physically injured in the incident, McClelland said.


Ricker was with personnel from the sheriff's office yesterday afternoon to give them information, McClelland said.


''She's our only witness we can talk to,'' McClelland said. ''We're still asking questions.''


McClelland said the intruder entered the residence wearing camouflage clothing and a black ski mask. The assailant was carrying a shotgun.


McClelland said the intruder was 5-foot-10, had a medium build, and drove off in a maroon Ford vehicle.

Dan was a good friend.


He never touched drugs, never had a brush with the law, never hurt a single person, and never owned a gun.


Words just can't describe how shocking this is, but anyone who knew him is not suprised he went down fighting.


We'll miss you


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The details are still trickling in, but they were both living in the house together which was rented. It is a fairly rural area, not really a city, not really in the sticks.


My emotions are running too high to comment on anything else or say anything other than thank you.

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Sorry for your loss 69 beers. Stories like this absolutely sicken me. My own Brother had a similar incident occur at his house last year where a drunk and high gang banger tried to kick down the front door to his house. Thankfully, My Brother was standing behind the front door with his Remington 870 talking to the 911 Dispatcher during the failed attempt, and even told her that he was going to unload as soon as the door cracked open, or a window broke. With 2 small children and his Wife in the home, he makes no bones about admitting that he was scared for his life, and completely ready to take someone else's. Sad but true, it all too many times DOES indeed happen, and I am just thankful that he was, at a minimum, prepared. Like I have told him and countless other Victims more times than I can count---You never, EVER, lose the right to defend your home with force, up to and including deadly force. Deputies managed to arrive at my Brother's house in around 8 minutes and take said thug into custody, but you simply CANNOT count on Law Enforcement to save you in all situations---prudence must prevail, and sometimes 8 minutes is 7 minutes and 58 seconds too long. I pray justice is served cold to your friend's assailant.

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