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Wow, 7 hours later ...


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Oh yea? Well I have one for sale for $700.


It's TOTALLY worth the price. You have any idea how expensive aluminum is these days? And the amount of time it takes to lathe a 6 inch tube with shallow threading?


You're paying strictly for the cost of materials and labor time. It has NOTHING at all to do with markup or hawking. I swear!


[ 05-20-2006, 03:25 AM: Message edited by: Duggan ]


I guess you decided to go with basic economics 101: Supply and Demand. Rather than the idiot response, its only made out of cheap aluminum. Or your "hawking", or "you can't mark it up" thats greedy. Or my favorite "I know a guy, who knows a guy who got some million dollar CNC equipment for Christmas he'll make one for $5.00. Last but not least, My uncle can whiddle one in under 5 minutes"

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They deleted it the first time, saying it violated the "no firearms" policy. I relisted a few days later, changed some words around, took the word "shotgun" completely out of my listing, and haven't had any problems yet.


If you're going to put your extension on ebay, wait until mine is over, so that we can both exploit the poor hardworking people to the max by giving them only one route to +2 glory.



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Actually we could use both tubes to drive up the price even higher. Then we can be really bad and take advantage of emptying the wallets of these poor defenseless bidders on the open market where prices are set by demand.

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Originally posted by BradC:

My Manual on page 8 under warranty states

WARNING: The use of non-benelli original parts on the arm void the warranty.

You can request a manual from Benelli, they will send it for free.

Just put it back into factory configuration before sending it in for warranty work. ;)
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