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question on M1S90 w/ Surefire


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Im thinking of selling my M1S90. i have so many shotguns, it just never gets used and both safes are full, so i could use the space.  Im wondering what the value on these are now? it has the ghost rings, M4 stock, 4 shot mag extension, oversize charging handle and the Surefire 617 light. I have the boxes, manuals, chokes and oil bottle etc. Surefire was 100% NOS when i installed it. Shotgun is easily 98% plus condition.  I wont use GB so i dunno whats a decent price?.  thanks for any and all input.






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I would say a few hundred over the M2 Tactical. So maybe like 1400-1600. To be frank, you could probably price it at 2000$ and eventually it might sell. Values have been pretty crazy.

if your gun looks like the pictures, then it should be a Benelli USA import and late production. I like those the best, but some folks will pay more just because it has HK import on it.


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yeah thats my gun in the pics. i threw it up on Armslist for trade ONLY and have gotten a  ton of good offers but nothing that really peaks my interest so ive been thinking of possibly selling.


the prices bein crazy are why i cant assign a true value to it..  It IS a Benelli import. Having that tiny HK on the reciever would prob add $200 based on how people treat everything else HK marked.  ?

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What's the aversion to GB? They are THE place to buy/sell firearms online. If you want to know what it will bring, put it on there (or at least search completed items for similar guns). Right now, it seems like a lot of these types of items do change value fairly quickly and for unknown reasons. Recently, I have seen the standard Super Black Eagle 1 (both HK marked), sell for $3800 and $4300. A gun that a year ago would have been $1200-1500.

Here's an advanced search on closed auctions (includes both those that sold and did not sell) and -hk:
https://www.gunbroker.com/Semi-Auto-Shotguns/search/completed?Keywords=benelli m1 -hk&Timeframe=1&Sort=1&PageSize=48

You probably know, but those of us who like HK Benelli's, it is nothing to due with the HK name in and of itself. Rather, part of it is because they were the original version and had the anti-jam feature which cleared the elevator if a shell slipped by the shell stop. Of course, this design when abused, became infamous as "Ghost Load". They later had to redesign it without that benefit. I also prefer the lower rib of the early ones and not big on the comfort-tech stock either. I guess I am hung up on the originals, I bought my SBE in late '94 or Jan '95 and have loved it ever since. Now I've got around a dozen HK Benelli's such as SBE, BE, M1T, M3T folder, Montefeltro, etc. Only non's are my pair of M4's. No idea why I bothered writing all this. I guess it is because some of us aren't big on HK. I don't own any of their guns though I'd love a 10mm auto MP5. For many, looking for the HK stamp is an easy way to tell it is in the desired format.

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