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Barrel and breach stamped alignment marks?


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While cleaning my m4, I noticed that there seems to be a pair of stamped 'alignment marks' or something of that nature where the barrel is mated to the breach piece - they're not entirely aligned being off by about half a millimeter. Can post a photo if that's any help.

Looking online, most removed barrel assemblies don't seem to have these marks at all.

Is this anything to concern myself about? I spent a while staring at them but can't seem to see any noticeable misalignment with the front sight or so on that'd suggest that the barrel has been pressed on crooked.

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You can see the tab here. Checked the gas  pistons, their clearances seem to be equal, certainly not off as much as the marks are.

Is this maybe a drift mark to friction weld the two surfaces and not an alignment mark at all? It looks like they have been punched rather than cut into the surfaces.

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