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Few Question about the SBEII


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The gun comes with 5 choke tubes.


Improved Cylinder


Improved Modified



The gun is light and thus kick is substantial, with or without the Comfortech stock.

When I shoot paper, I notice the kick quite a bit.

When I shoot geese or turkeys, it's of no consequence at all.


Some people have trouble cycling light trap loads through the SBEII. In my opinion, they have purchased the wrong gun and the problems are their own fault and not the gun's.

The SBEII is a hunter.


Other issues have been reported, but I don't believe their rate of occurence is any higher than complaints with other guns.


Some people don't hold the gun firmly against their shoulder, and the Inertia system doesn't function properly at times.


Others say their guns shoot high, low, left, right or whatever.

As I'm sure you're aware, some people simply don't know how to properly mount and shoot a shotgun, and blaming the gun is easier than admitting personal faults.

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I think the recoil is mild with the SBE II and 3 1/2 inch shells.


I way 108lbs and have no problem shooting 3 1/2 inch shells all year long.


So you shouldn't have a problem either.


I have a SBE II with Comfortech, and I think it is well worth having. My bro has the SBE I without Comfortech and it has more recoil.

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