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Vote like a gun owner


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Unfortunately, there's always more to consider than just the matter of whether or not the given candidate supports or opposes rights already guaranteed me by the Constitution.


I look at the positions of the given candidates on all issues and vote my conscience.


Due to my varying opinions on a wide range of issues, I have yet to find the perfect candidate who was square with me on every issue.


I wish more politicians would come to realize that the majority of us fall in the broad and grey middle, instead of hte extreme right or extreme left.


Having and keeping the right to own and to use guns is important to me, but it's not the most important thing to me.

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I must say that owning and using guns IS supremely important to me. If a politician does not support the "individual right" interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, then he does not support the right of citizens to protect their lives and their family's lives.


If a politician does not support my right to own a firearm, then he probably will vote to restrict my rights in other areas of my life. Look at states such as Massachusetts and New Jersey-----very restrictive on firearms and they are also restrictive in many other areas------unless you are a homosexual-------then you are supercool and given rights up the wazoo.


No, in my mind it is critical for a politico to support gun rights or they don't get my vote.

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