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Detachable Shell Holder (Mark Precision Design)


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Need some up to date insight on how people feel about detachable shell holders. Personally I am not a fan of velcro so been looking at the march precision design top rail & detachable holders. Would love to be able to quick change shells or alleviate some weight without having to change rails.

I know this design used to be sidearm, Asgard, etc and have read many a pages and post on the forums about the product. Considering buying some but seems like there aren't many updated pictures/post. Parts are pricey and no return policy so trying to gather some fresh thoughts. Is it worth it?





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I have seen those, they look pretty nice but, man, they are expensive and empty they don't lay flat. The hook & loop aren't great as they do wear out but at $14 a shot I just toss them when they do. For $100 you have quite a few h&l's that can be fit in mag pouchs. The rail alone with these is over $100 and you still need the shell holders. Just my $.02.

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2 hours ago, Ihrinwe said:

Appreciate the feedback. Something about the Aridus seems too bulky to me idk why. I also don’t like it’s a taped on system and not fully secured. 

The tape they give you with it.There’s no way you pull it off other then heating it ..I’ve had old sidearmor carriers .They suck to detach and put back on.That’s why not many people run them.I’d run a velco setup before them 

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