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SBE offered in 20ga.


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Yesterday morning while out chasing gamefarm birds my brother (who sleeps with his SBE) made the comment that if Benelli ever produced a 20ga. SBE He'd be first on the list. After hypothetically talking about it - a 20ga. version of the gun sounded better and better.


what do you guys think??

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wow sounds good to me. love my super black eagle! and having a 20 gauge model would sure be cool. built on its own frame and replicating the 12 would be an awesome gun! do you think they'd do it? I don't really like the m-1 or the montefeltro so I've stuck with my remington 1100 20 gauge.

I would dump my 1100 in a second if Benelli offered the sbe in a 20!!!!


[ 01-12-2004, 06:02 PM: Message edited by: jedd ]

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I wouldn't give up my 12 either but having a 20 gauge SBE to grab when called for would be great! I use my 1100 20ga here in North Dakota on early season pheasants and sharptails and love it. the winchester super-x hi-brass game loads in 4,5,and 6 work great for early season birds out of a 20 gauge.


Like i said before I would get rid of my remington 1100 in a New York minute!


Having a Super Black Eagle in 20 gauge would be awesome!


I want one!

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I think i'd put my name on the list too! after sitting here and staring at my 12ga. model I'm convinced i'd buy one if they'd offer it.


jedd - I have an 1100 20ga. also but, it's been reduced to collecting dust since I started using a 20 o/u. Just think an SBE in a 20 would be Primo! I'd use it that's for sure.

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