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Putting the finishing touches on my entry gun…


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Magpul MS3 sling

Scalarworks Sync/01 + RMR06

Surefire M312C

MagPul RVG





The host was a 11732 - I actually like the new stock and the new forearm.  The forearm comes with three small rail pieces to which I’ve mounted a QD for the sling on the left side of the receiver, the RVG on the bottom, and the Surefire on the right.  The MS3 is a *great* sling - makes it very easy to set up a braced position with the sling that provides tension when shooting.  Nixed the crapped little front sling swivel as it just rattled a bit too much for me. 

The light is pretty nice - it’s a single cell Scout light with 500 lumens.  I’m a flashlight geek, including having a dual IR/vis 1000 lumens light on a DMR setup and really like it, yet 500 lumens is just great for this shotgun.  And while I don’t typically like Velcro on my gear, I’m using some awesome strong Velcro and cut it to side and put the pressure pad on the right side of the grip.  This position allows me to grip the RVG and shoot comfortably without turning on the light.  Tightening my fingers illuminates the light.  There’s a little bit of a shadow with the entry barrel but not so much that it negates the purpose of the light.

All in all, very pleased.


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