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Turkey Tube and Shot for SBEII


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After exhaustive research and reading posts all over, I ended up with the Comp-n-Choke XXX.


I may end up with more tubes, but I'll put the CnC through it's paces first.


The Terror folks had no testing data. Just a great money back guarantee. I may try them if the CnC does not dial in.


The Rhino/Nitro thing is always a consideration, but Benellis are more fickle than Mossy's and Remingtons, so the $200 it takes to get started just didn't appeal to me. I have a $75 box of Nitro lead that didn't impress me with any choke & gun combo.


Pure Gold claims to have a good SBE II Crio, but again, no testing data. Still might end up with one of these.


Gary Raisch is pretty much one of the leading turkey pros. His website reviews most guns and CnC combos. They have tested the SBE II with CnC chokes and came up with a chart of recommended loads. They recommend Winchester HV, which is the only toxic shell I shoot, so I went with their suggestion.


I am trying to avoid buying 5-6 chokes like I did with my other SBE's.


mudhen - CA

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just to go along with the patteren master. my brother just bought one for his super X2, and with the #4's it wasn't that great. he was using 3.5 #4's rem. hevi shot. we shot it with 3.5 #bbb and it sucked. but when we shot #7.5 2.750" it was great. know I thought that the patteren master was for "large shot" ? my nova with the improve mod. choke shot tighter then his patteren master. now he was using an Winchester and I was using an benilli. but that is what I found out. Know with my nova I use a strout stopper. I at 40yds, with 3.5" rem. hevi shot #5's I had 75 pellets in the head. I just bought a mad max that is made for #5's and I got about the same as the S.S. but with the mad max I had a lot less "flyers" .

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