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Rate your duck season

shell waster

Was your duck season better than last year or worse  

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  1. 1. Was your duck season better than last year or worse

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luck of the draw here .. but still down in comparison...


I think we all need to start trapping and hunting varmints when we can to lessen predation..


Canadians are going crazy yet .. good #'s for guys that like Goose hunting!


we have the habitat ... just need to lessen the predation and the results of it.

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I've killed 12 ducks in 6 hunts our first split. I killed 10 of those the first weekend, and hunted the last two weekends for 2 ducks.


I killed 2 mottled ducks, 3 Teal, 3 Grayducks, and 4 Scaup.


Last year during the first split we almost always shot our 4 mallards. Many hunts we went home with 4 mallards only. During our entire first split, I shot at 1 mallard, and of course I missed. We averaged right at 4 ducks per hunter, per hunt last year during the first split. I've hunted with 1 other buddy on all 6 hunts and our total was only 16 ducks.


I've been skunked on many occaissions but usually always see ducks, especially lots of high flyers. I saw less ducks this first split than any other split I've hunted. Hopefully the cold weather this week will bring some more down before the second split opener next weekend.

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