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M1 help!!!!!!


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I have been reasoning between A LOT of guns in the past month or so. I started out looking at Rem. 1100's then to mossberg 935, SBE, Monte,M1, etc etc etc. Everyone tells me the SBE is simply the best gun out there for what I will be using it for. Duck Geese Turkey Phesant. I have come to realize I dont NEED 3.5" mags. They would be nice but dont need them. I would like to know what you all think of the m1 compared to the mossberg model 935. I can get the M1 for $950 in camo and the 935 for $550 in camo. Please Please let me know what you think.

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Since you have narrowed your choices down to the M1 and 935, I'd first of all handle both and see which one feels better to you. Normally, whichever gun feels better would be my first choice.


The only thing I question between the two guns that you are considering is the reliability of the 935. It just came out, and I guess I like to give companies a year or two to "get the wrinkles out" of the gun, before I lay down my hard-earned cash. With that said, I'd lean towards the M1.


Good luck and let us know what you decide.



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If your looking at auto-loaders take another look at the SBE..


The M-1 is complete but, why have margarine when you can have real butter with the SBE.


I don't mean to add more confusion but take a look at the Beretta 391 Urika and Extrema if you haven't already done so.


Remember to put 'fit' as your #1 concern.


Good Luck

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