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  1. Congrats MH!!! Great pic's too!!
  2. I have a Leupold 1X4 Shotgun scope mounted to my gun since 1992 without a single issue. I love that extra heavy reticle that comes with that model, it really stands out in the woods!! My gun always shot high left no matter what loads I ran through it. So by scoping it, I can dial in the crosshairs right to the very center of the pattern, hence making it a real killing machine. I prefer a scope since it actually "gather's light" which is benefical in early morning conditions. I mostly keep mine on the 2.5X setting because if I place it on 1X, the end of the barrel is in the field of view, which is very distracting to me. Now that I have been using a scoped turkey gun all this time, I don't know if I'll ever go back to plain sights again.
  3. I'm not a rain guy. I want to enjoy my time in the woods, getting soaked isn't my idea of having fun.
  4. I agree, awesome decoy!!! I think I may need one as well!!!
  5. Still very early up here in NY, our season doesn't start until May 1st!! I usually wait until the month of April before doing any serious patterning of my gun, since the temps are still very cold around here until then. Best temp I have heard for pattern testing is in the mid 60's. I also start to practice up on my calls at the beginning of April as well. That way, I'll have a month to get the rust out!!
  6. You have to remember, since heavishot pellets hit much harder than lead pellets of the same size, you can go to a smaller size shot with heavishot. So #6's will work better pattern wise, than #5's, plus they willl hit as hard as #5 lead!!! Best of both worlds!!
  7. dblcluck

    the CLAW sling

    Try this sling. I prefer it over the Claw!! http://www.sloganoutdoors.com/products.html
  8. When shooting strictly lead or copper plated lead, I always preferred #5's over #6's and #4's. Sure #4 lead would work best, Energy wise, but the patterns weren't that great!! #6's pattern best over #4 and #5's, but have that energy problem at the 40+ yard mark, they seem to run out of steam!! So #5's are the perfect compromise, better patterns than #4's, and better energy levels than #6's. Now having said that, with the advent of hevishot hitting the market several years ago, and seeing first hand the damage done to a gobblers head while using it, I'll never go back to lead or copper plated lead loads ever again. I'm presently shooting Nitro H378 3" 4X5X7 plated tri-plex hevishot loads. I also see that Winchester and Federal have both jumped on the hevishot train as well. I did try Remington's earlier version of their Hevishot loads when they had an agreement with Environmetal to use their products years ago, but Remington has since decided to come out with their own product. Like mentioned before, now that hevishot has proven how superior it is over lead, I'll never switch back to lead.
  9. The best Red Dot on the market, bar none is the Aimpoint. Like anything, you get what you pay for. http://www.aimpoint.com/
  10. Awesome deal on that Rhino choke!!!! That's the very same tube and restriction I'm using as well, along with the H378 Nito 4X5X7 loads. Out of my 1300, in a 10" circle at 40 yards, I counted an honest 316 pellets!! After many years of searching, that is the best pattern I ever found, bar none.
  11. Check out these first. They are rated #1. http://www.aimpoint.com/
  12. I agree with most of what your saying except #4, but if you want to restrict yourself to 20 yards or less, nock yourself out!!!! I have searched for many years trying to find the ultimate choke/shell to give me the BEST pattern at the fabled 40 yard marker. If you hunt birds long enough, you'll find that some gobblers don't come waltzing in to 20 yards or less. It's those birds that make you smile, since you did your homework and know your gun can take them out to that 40 yard distance every single time.
  13. I have been using a scope on my turkey gun since 1992, and have loved this set up ever since. I'm shooting a Winchester 1300 NWTF 1992 edition model that never shot to the point of aim. It always shot "high left" with any shell I put through it. Hence, that was the main reason going to a scope. All you have to do is dial in the reticle to the very center of your pattern and your done. I also prefer the sight picture from using a scope VS open or fiber optic sights. I've heard some great reviews on Red Dots, especially the Aimpoints. To each his own on the preferred method of aiming a shotgun.
  14. I never tried shooting a gun outfitted with a stock like that before. I imagine it would take a bit getting use to!!
  15. Mossy Oak and Realtree are the two biggest names in camo clothing. I use both for turkey and bowhunting for deer.
  16. My H.S. Strut turkey seat. I wouldn't leave home without it!! If I sit too long on just the pad that comes with my vest, my tailbone gets so darn sore that I can't sit anymore!! It's the cat's PJ's for the long wait!!
  17. Rifled deer barrels must use Sabot ammo!!! Smooth bore's can use "rifled slugs" by Winchester, Federal, or Remington. Note: The term "rifled slug" doesn't mean Sabot ammuniton. Regular deer slugs have been called that for years.
  18. I mainly hunt in an area that has now been allowed to use rifles. You can't beat the accuracy or the energy of a rifle to a shotgun at ranges over 100 yards. My shotgun did good up to about 75 yards, after that it was a guess at best!! So I'm very glad to have picked up a new rifle to use instead of a distance limited weapon with a rainbow trajectory, such as the shotgun.
  19. Try the Rhino chokes and some Nitro 4X5X7 Plated Hevi-shot loads. This combo gave me 316 pellets inside a 10" circle at 40 yards!! http://www.nitrocompany.com/
  20. WTG!!!! Two nice ones for sure!!
  21. Congrats on two dandy birds!! WTG!!
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