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M1 Super 90 Questions


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I recently purchased Benelli M1 Super 90 for self defense, primarily in home. It has a barrel approximately 18" and a magazine extension which holds 6, 2 3/4" shells. Custom forgrip labeled Laser Products Corp with an integral surefire like light. Stock with integral pistol grip and standard stock, I live in Central America with a limited selection. My preference would be for a shorter barrel, etc similar to the Entry Model. Is it possible to purchase the shorter, 14" barrel and also a magazine cap so I can remove the mag extension. Also, pistol grip with no standard stock extension. There is a wave of "kidnap express" in the country in which I live. We gringos are more and more becoming targets. Recently there have been a serious of incidents which lead me to believe I am on someones list of potential targets. My preference for shotgun is a a bit shorter than the defense model of the M1 super90. Also any ideas on an appropriate choke for inside the home and immediate surroundings. John

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Don't know the laws in your country - but if the threat was real to me - I would chop the barrel and stock and fashion a ready-sling so that the sg rides at a ready to go angle. Choke? open it up wide. the pattern of a sg is tight inside a house unless your place has long spans of halls, etc. You have yourself a very reliable base gun - My M1 Super90 is a hunter and has about 20K rounds w/o failure.

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