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Is Benelli worth the price?


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OK ... here is the question.

I am considering purchasing a SBE2 , but at a

price tag of around 1300 plus, I am a bit hesitant.

for that much cash I could easly purchase two

Remingtons or Winchesters!, is Benelli REALLY

that much better?! compared to , Remington's

1187, or the 1100? and Winchesters super x2?

Don't get me wrong ... I'm not nocking Benelli

in any way, shape, or form.

I just want to be absolutely sure that Benelli is

" performance worth the price ".

Please :confused: , ANY INFO. you could pass

along, ... experiences, comparisons, exspecially

if you owned another brand shotgun, and now

use the Benelli ,( or visa versa ),

Thanks :D

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The X2 is not even close to a sbe!!!!!!!!! The sbe is simply the best gun out there, and by the way that msrp. I bought mine for 900 dollars. An 1187 is a so so gun but not close to a sbe. sbe is definately worth the price. if your son wants to shoot it all you have do is buy 2 3/4 shot shells. The sbe also has a availible recoil reducer. If you have the money get a sbe. if not get a nova.

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before i bought my SBE i owned:

Remington 11-87sps

Remington 11-87sp Super Mag

Browning Gold Stalker

Benelli M1


Before i bought my nova i owned:

Winchester 1300 Ranger

Remington 870 Express

Remington 870s Super Mag


i have to say these benelli's are some of the best guns i have ever used. ESPECIALLY over the Remingtons.

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First ... let me say thanks to all the replys :D .


bwnr, I will be using the Benelli SBE2 as my

"everything" gun, Turkey, Rabbit, Pheasant.

I have a Thompson Center Arms OMEGA

Muzzle loader that I use for Deer hunting.

Now, I have a Winchester 1300 pump that I

use for Turkey,Rabbit, Pheasant...basically

the Benelli would be replacing the Winchester.

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That sheds some light on things, thanks. Putting "feel" and "fit" aside, practically, I think you can't beat the SBE for performance. Hands down winner over the X2, 1100/1187, and Browning Gold. I speak from experience. I owned all of these prior to my SBE and wish I would have gone the SBE route much earlier in life! The reason I like it is because of it's simplistic design. Less moving parts mean more dependable performance in the field. Recoil vs. gas operation...no comparison!

In my experience, the SBE is a bit heavy in 12 gauge to tote around the fields for pheasant and rabbits all day. I've done both and it performs great, don't get me wrong, it just gets heavy by lunch. Unless your a bigger guy, it will get tiring. I like it for stationary hunting; waterfowl and turkey.

Bottom line, if you only have the money for one gun, I highly recommend the SBE for an all around shotgun. Spend the money....you'll never regret it. Look for a used SBE if your not diehard desiring the SBE2. I picked mine up for $600 on an estate sale/auction, practically new and in the box!

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