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Barrel cleaning


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I'm sorry if this has been coverd before. I did a search but nothing came up.


I am familiar with barrel cleaning for rifles but when it comes to shotguns I'm not real sure.


I just aquired an SBE and love the gun. I'm hitting everything I shoot at...well okay, I do miss on occasion but my percentages are way up.


Now that I have shot if a few times I'm curious as to cleaning the barrel. I have a 12ga. brush and swab. I did my best at cleaning it tonight but after a couple passes with the swab it was pretty dirty on the front end. Do I just keep using it until it's dirty all the way and then throw it out? It seams that after a couple cleanings it would be useless, unlesh you can throw them in the washer and clean them?


Any tips out there?


Oh, by the way I found the break down of the firing pin and inertia system quite simple.

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Personally, I never use swabs.

I use a bore snake for general cleaning after each outing.

For thorough cleaning, I use a quality solvent and bore brush.

I then use common paper table napkins, compacted to fit the bore tightly and pushed through with a shotgun rod.

Cheap and disposable.

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I've tried 'em all, but, a friend turned me on to these products. ABSOLUTELY the BEST!




Use KG-1 on a 3" patch wrapped around a 20ga brush and swab your 12ga bore clean in seconds. If it's really dirty after an extended period of shooting, use KG-1 then KG-2 then KG-1 followed by some gun oil.

I try to avoid the wire brush touching the bore. Do Not pull brush back through the muzzle.


The bore of your Benelli will look new for years to come.

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Here is what I do.


The first thing I do is remove the choke and clean it up around the threads and aply some light oil to them. It is amazing how much crud gets between the chokes and the barrel.


I then reinsert the choke and use a bore snake though the whole thing. Useally 1 swipe does it but some times 2 or 3 are needed.


All done now nice and clean bore.


I used to use the rod with a brush and swabs as well, but a couple of folks at the range reccomended the bore snake as a better way. I have never looked back at the rods and brushes.


Mike :D

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Personally, I would never put a metal rod through the bore of any firearm, especially, a sectional rod. For pistol and rifle you'll never go wrong with a Dewey 1 piece nylon coated rod http://www.deweyrods.com/


For a shotgun, I use either a Dewey or a wooden Paker-Hale type rod.


Likewise. I first remove the choke tube, get it nice and clean with Trulock Chokeshine, reinsert, then clean the bore.


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