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comfortech pads and combs

870 warrior

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I'm sure they will list the XH once they have it.


Maybe they have it already.


Maybe you could call them on the phone?


Or should I do that for you too?


Maybe I should drive there, pick it up, and drive it over to your place.




mudhen - CA

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I've had a 14" LOP gel pad on BO with Gun Parts for six weeks and there's still no definitive date as to when they expect it in. Such is the norm when ultimately dealing with Benelli. Their guns cycle fast, but such cannot be said of their shipping department.

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My advice would be to find a gel pad at a stocking dealer or at a parts supply like Brownells or Numrich.


The factory is exceedingly slow, at least they have been on each of my orders. My latest order that I just received a few weeks ago took them 4 months for a pitiful three items: a L/H gel pad, a raised gel comb, and an SBE II camo barrel.


That's a ridiculous amount of time to wait for small parts or accessories. I'm a died in the wool Benelli owner, I have 8 right now including 4 new 2006 models, but Benelli USA's parts and accessory supply department is ignorantly slow.


That's totally inexcusable for a maker of such expensive auto shotguns. My hunting and clays O&U's are from Italy and Germany and I get parts and accessories from their American operations almost immediately irregardless of what I order. But I guess they see the logic in taking care of their customers who are buying their guns.


When people ask me about Benelli I talk up the guns big time, but I also tell them the sad truth about Benelli USA's weak support of their buyers.

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