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does benelli make a 20 ga. YOUTH shotgun?


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I have one of the little 20 gauge Monty's. They have a length of pull of 12+1/2 inches and mine weighs about 5 pounds. I shoot the cheapy WallyMart shells. Many times at the range I'll see young folks trying to handle Dad's Duck gun with heavy loads. I always offer to let the youngsters try my little Monty. What a difference that makes. I can't recommend the little Monty's enough. Great guns at the range and you can't beat them for long days out trying for Quail or crashing through heavy brush after Grouse. They'll shoot the absolutely lightest rounds all the way up to 3" magnum twenties. Did I mention that my Monty has never EVER, failed to fire and function!



Cape Cod

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My buddys daughter (14 years old) shoots a Monty 20 ga and has no problems with it. She can hit 32 out of 40 on a clay shoot. I'm not sure what you consider "youth", Crazy, but if a75 lb teenage girl can shoot it without fear, you might have a winner in the Monty.

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Originally posted by soimcrazy:

does this make a decent deer gun? Thats basicly what it will be used for.

Oh yeah, 20 ga slugs are much better than ever and have a real cult following that actually prefer 20 ga slugs over 12's.


The question is can a rifled choke be found for a Benelli - don't know - search for yourself!


mudhen - CA

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