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SBEII or M1?


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If you are comfortable with each for fit, I would go with the M1 and you can spend x- number of dollars saved on parts, sights, chokes, sling, new recoil tube whatever. The big thing is fit. I have both and when I checked out the SBE II it just was real balanced and came up nifde to the extent that I bought it. My M-1 has a 26 barrel and the SBEII has a 28. Don't know if that mattered or not. I wouldn't by the new one for the cofort tech. You wont go wrong with either.

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i got a m2 and love it. you got to ask your self do you want to shoot 3in or 3.5in shells


i would go with the m2 rather than the m1 or sbe.

and 3in shells are just fine for ducks unless you do alot of late season goose or like sky bust'n ducks

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