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M4 11707 deal or no deal?


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I found a Bennelli 11707 m4 brand new in the factory sealed box for 1349.00 with pistol grip stock ghost ring sights and it only has the m4 stamp on the side no flag or le markings is this a fair deal ?


Thanks Ray

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I agree...The last M4 LE I bought was $425 more...it came with both PG Stocks [Push Button Slider]...both standard & +Extender NIB...

If I was look'n for another...which may be soon...I'd be ask'n ya where it's at...& I'd try grabb'n it for that price..

Be careful on GunBroker....there was a 11707 that went for $999.99...but Gunbrker has yet to find the person/persons with the "CurlyGurl " nic...The buyer had supposedly sent the money already,too..but no M4 yet..I stopped bidding on it when they wouldn't answer the emails with questions about it..

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Yup---snatch it up quick, that's a smoking deal. When I picked mine up 2 mos ago (after a year and a half wait), I was told that the price had just gone up $200.00 and no mag extension was now included. I ended up paying right at $1500.00 for my 11707. I was somewhat hesitant and fairly certain that I wouldn't have paid $1500.00 for this gun if I had it to do all over again, but after putting this gun through it paces, I have to say it is the finest tactical shotgun that I have used to date, and the first thing I reach for in a pinch.



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