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Nova Tactical shortcomings


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I have and carry my Nova Tactical on duty. There are a few shortcomings that I feel benelli should address in a LEO pump gun.

1) the safety button is way to small, it needs to ba larger so it is easier to operate.

2) same goes for the slide release, it is small, flat and difficult to find in stressful situations.

3) ability to mount optics if needed. An LEO platform should have optical mounts right out of the box, a red dot sight would be wonderful.

4) heat shroud for the barrel, self explanitory.

5)Accesories such as light and laser mounts, benelli needs to do more to have manufacturers support the platform.


Don't get me wrong, I love the gun. It is smooth, has a great trigger and sights. I can get on target fast. But the above are things that all the other Police pump guns have available to them. Without these things the Nova will probably never truly compete in the LEO market.

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I'm ignorant to tactical terms and for the most part what makes the features of these guns 'functional' (besides the obvious).

just a few questions..


1- LEO ?? LAW ENFORCEMENT O..(officer)??

2- I understand the burn factor concerning the shroud... but, is this practical?? how many shots out of a shotgun are you guys running off at a time on duty?? or is this a practice-preventative measure for at the range??

3- other than slug rounds - what rounds are you guys packing that constitutes a red dot? personaly - target aquisition speed is faster with iron sights compared to a 32mm red dot scope on a slug gun but that's me i guess..


pardon the ignorance if I don't see something..

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LEO, you got it right

Shroud for heat. In training and practice

Optics can be needed and or mandated by a department. Optics are a minor consideration, I wouldn't use them but there are folks who need them. I was just addressing some concerns on the Nova as to it's competitiveness against the 870


My personal complaints are the size of the safety and the release

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Sounds also like a partial training issue - the safety and release should become second nature due to muscle memory if enough training is done. While the improvements by Benelli would not hurt, practice makes perfect, especially under stress, when in fact, oversize safeties, etc. can equally work against you.

Stay safe.



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