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SBE 2+Picatinny rail


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I have just recived a Brand new Aimpoint whit mounts for Picatinny rail from the Swedish Military, And I am wondering if I could mount an Picatinny rail on my SBE 2? And were I could buy it if thats the case.


Its already drilled for some kind of rail, but I pressume its for weaver rail.


I would really prefer a Picatinny rail instead of a Weaver since those mounts I got, is designed to be quick releas mounts, so I can quickly change betwin Scope and open sights.

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Weaver is a brand name, while Picatinny is a type.

Think phillips screwdriver.


Weaver #93 bases fit most Benelli's, as well as several other popular rifles made by Remington.

Benelli publishes the Weaver 93 as a guide for the specs moreso than as a hardcoded reccomendation as a brand name.

Any base that has the same specs as the 93 will fit the Benellis as well.




Weaver 93 bases are one piece cross slot bases that allow for the scope rings to be mounted in only one position on the receiver, with the only possible forward and rearward adjustment coming from sliding the scope in the rings one way or the other.




Picatinny rails are bases that feature multiple cross slots, allowing for more forward and rearward adjustment by clamping the rings in different locations.


While it would seem that finding a rail to fit the SBE is impossible, many companies make Picatinny blanks that can be drilled to match the pattern of your SBE.


Any gunsmith should be able to do this easily.


Google - Picatinny Blank


I wish Benelli would get off the Weaver 93 pattern and either use the same pattern as they do for the M series or match up to the Remington 870 or 700 pattern, both of which are more widely used and available.

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As I recall, the 870 that I had used rounded bases and the receiver was rounded as well.

But I believe you are correct about the 700 bases, as that receiver is flat.


Other rifle receivers do use the rounded design, so perhaps something could match up with them.


The point is that Benelli should consider using something more common, rather than the #93 pattern.

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Originally posted by Mesa Tactical:

The M2 Tactical ships with a Picatinny rail. It's possible that your SBE 2 has the same hole pattern. If so, try to find someone who can source the Benelli P-rail for M2 Tactical.

Are you positive the M2 Tactical ships with a Picatinny rail?


I've been trying to find a rail for my M2 Tactical and would like to have one but mine did not come with one.


[ 07-06-2006, 09:16 PM: Message edited by: AmirM5 ]

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Originally posted by Duggan:



M2 Tactical ^^^

It's not pictured with a rail on BenelliUSA.com ...and I confirmed that the M2 Tactical does not ship with a rail after a call to Benelli customer service.


Looks like I'll be trying out the rail/side saddle from Mesa Tactical.


[ 07-08-2006, 09:09 PM: Message edited by: AmirM5 ]

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