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Full Length Mag tubes on EBAY !!!!!


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Ebay is saturated with Benelli M4 / M1014 Full length mag tubes. It's out of control !! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Break open your piggy banks because people are paying out the butt for these. And to think some of us got lucky and paid $66 buckaroos.


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It is very interesting. There is a U.S. made tube (I assume SOCOMguy's work) on there @ $610. And a +2 extension that is carefully labled to appear as a full legnth tube. Some unscrupelus sellers and inatentive bidders (in this mans humble opinion.) What a world.

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Absolutely amazing. Truer words ("A fool and his money") may never have been spoken. The true down side of all this nonsense, is that occasionally, artificial price spikes on limited quantity items such as these, may drive the component prices higher. I hope common sense prevails, and manufacturers and suppliers don't start pricing things like there is a half pound of crack included just because it is made for the ultracooldoubletacticalalmighty "Benelli M4" (and there are dupes out there willing to pay for it). Unfortunately, in these cases, capitolism sucks----if someone is willing to pay over $900.00 for a **** piece of machined and phosphated steel tubing, there will DEFINATELY be someone willing to take their money!! And to think I felt GOUGED after being told that the already overpriced shotgun I had been on a waiting list for over a year for, was now in stock--and oh yeah---$200.00 more! And less the mag extension!! **** I can't afford this addiction!!!!!!



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