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M1014 Price


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I bought my 11703 for 1300 shipped about 3 months ago, I made contact with a seller on gunbroker and made him the offer. This is the model with the pistol grip stock.

I'd buy the 11707 though if I had it all over to do again, it'll allow for the installation of a functional collapsible stock without modification. Be warned of legality issues doing that.

In the 3 months I've had my gauge, its sucked up about another 1000 bucks in aftermarket parts, and has ate about 2000 rounds of ammo. It's requesting about another 1000 bucks worth of modifications too. Be warned. smile.gif

It wants a trip to Walter Birdsong to be refinished in Black-T. It would like an oversized bolt release from GG&G, night sights, a throw lever mount for my EOTech, GG&G oversized charging handle, steel magazine tube follower, needs a sling, is waiting for Surefire to release the M80 railed forend, a Surefire weapon light, and a forward vertical grip. It would also like some support from Vangcomp.



My new toy for the Benelli is a 12mw visible green laser.


The mount sucks. I'm waiting on the Sidearmor mount, and a 7/8" picatinny mount for the laser to come in the next few days.

Yes, it is the ultimate zombie hunting gun.


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Irish....I've been wait'n on my M4 with adjustable chokes And adj PG stock delivery from my local LE Supply for months.I've concluded that the reason I haven't recieved it yet is because M1014 buys em ALL up & keeps em at his house..ALLL to His self!!..

I drool at all his M4 pic posts in here... :mad: Heh-Heh!


Sweet Look'n Weapon Steve!..Drooool!


[ 01-04-2005, 09:37 PM: Message edited by: StarLynx ]

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First off, excellent choice!


That said...got mine slightly used (under 100 rounds through her) a year ago for $1100.00 shipped and have been more than happy with it. Put another $450.00 into her and got her an Eotech Holosight, Tritium Night Sights, a Side Saddle. Still decideing on a 3 point tac sling or not...


Good luck on you hunt for the M4!


Anyway here she is... :D



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Thanks for the compliments guys.


I wish Sidearmor would hurry up and get me my stuff. I placed my order yesterday with Spector arms for a 3 point sling and a 6 shell carrier for the offside stock. Also waiting on my Picatinny mounted laser mount too.

Send Surefire an e-mail to hurry up and release the M80 railed forend.

My Benelli might be going to Magnaport too. smile.gif


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I need some help . new to the forum but not new to the benelli. I got experience but these m4's are confusing. This is what I want .... what model do i need ??? skeleton stock.. don't care if it collapses, brugger/thomet, and 8-shot mesa. i'm going with a aimpoint compm2x.green j-tech laser on a side armor mount. and i am researching a surefire dedicated rail mount light on the brugger. what model number do i need and i prefer the heavier barrel even if i half to sacrifice on acessories , but i really want that 8 shot mesa. been saving for a year , and taxes are coming.

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Now I'm no authoritative source, but I'm pretty sure any model will give you what you need. AFAIK, there aren't any difference in barrels beyond the ability of some to accept chokes, and others being fixed modified barrels. Well, there are also some differences with old models and the way the barrel tapers near the receiver, IIRC, but that shouldn't do anything outside of cause problems for accessory manufacturers. You may need to do your homework there, judging by the list of accessories you've got. The "heavy barrel" thing was disproven by a few board members with calipers, I believe.


As far as I know, all models should accept the Mesa Tactical 8-shot shell holder. Ditto for the skeleton/collapsable stock -- you just won't be able to collapse it on anything but 11707's unless you have special work done on it.

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I Think I'll Just Go New.. Idon't Like Buying Other Peoplesproblems. Does Anybody Have Any Problems With Mount Coming Loose After Accessive Shooting ?? I Like To Shoot Oobuck And Winchester Slugs. Also I Seen Some Mini Slugs At A Local Gun Show.. Has Anyone Tried Shooting These.. I Imagine You Could Increase Capacity 2-3x.:D

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