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camo finish on sbeII


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i am buying a sbeII in the max 4 finish. i was just wondering how tough the finish was.what you put on it for cleaning? does it go down to metal when scratched?also noticed fingerprints molded into finish on the one i looked at. is this a rare case?

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I had a Nova in the camo finish and I found the finish to be not very durable. It was easier to scratch and chip than bluing or parkerized finishes.


For cleaning use a damp cloth.

I didn't notice any fingerprints on mine.


I'm not knocking the cam finishes. I think they're great if that's what you want. Just be aware that the finish will scratch and will chip off under what I consider to be normal use.

This in no way affects the ability of the gun to perform and it doesn't diminish the life expectancy of the weapon.

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I had an M1 in factory camo a few years back.


It held up fine, but did start to turn white as the finish got worn. Some small chipping did occur.


I carry all my guns on a sling and that really accelerates the wear factor on any film type finish.


I bought my new SBE II in camo because it was only slightly higher in price than the matte black version. Aftermarket camo dipping is around $200, so I thought the factory finish would be fine for a couple of seasons.


I'll just redip at some point in the future....


mudhen - CA

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I noticed the camo finish scratches and chips, but so my matte black finish scratched under "normal use". I look at my SBE as a field gun that "normal use" means getting muddy, wet and banged around in the blind/boat more than I would ever abuse my range gun. I don't think the finish on any gun would be perfect unless you really baby it. Mine doesnt have any finger prints on it, but maybe they are camoflaged and hidden! smile.gif


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yes it will chip, a bit easier than i would like, but my SBE rusted DURING the hunt even though I always wipe it down with corrosion-x. So no matter what you are ****ed, unless you pay to have it tefloned. i had my sBE dripped in max4 and bought my sbeii in max4 and only rust spots are where its worn.


**** that salt marsh!

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Originally posted by tucker301:

Originally posted by Drundel:

**** that salt marsh!

Now, I KNOW you don't mean that :D


Exhibit A A good hunt for sure, but that was around D/FW.


I'll find some salt marsh picts.

http://drundel.com/hunt/duck03/good-group-pic.jpg (notice the shorts and sandels ;) )

http://drundel.com/hunt/duck03/11.15.03_3.jpg (that hunt kicked my ...)


Oh... found a story that I have to post about hunting in the salt marsh.


"Thursday comes and we drive the ATV up to where the grass line changes and almost bury the ATV.....it can go no more. We get the ATV out and we then start our trek not knowing what we were getting into. Let me tell you a story about the nastiest, boggiest mud I have ever had the pleasure of walking through in the dark. As Cajun stated if you could stay on the grass clumps you would be alright, but nothing short of a friggin' ballerina-balance beam gymnast could have balanced on those small clumps...not to mention hit them dead on in the dark. If you slid off it was bog up to your knee and sometimes your thigh. It took me almost 40 minutes to walk the 75 yards to the water's edge. At my weight I spent more time on my knees trying to get my leg out of the previous hole than I did standing up. Needless to say after 10 minutes into the walk, shooting my first mottled duck was looking less attractive by the second. After almost losing control of my bodily functions and having a "coming to Jesus meeting with myself" about me losing a lot of weight in 2004, I finally made it to the waters edge and found that the bottom in the water was quite hard. We threw out the four black duck decoys and I plopped my fat azz down to begin regaining my strength for the hunt. As light broke Brad made sure that I was to have first shot at all mottled ducks and he was to have it for all other ducks. We saw several mottleds, specks, snows and sandhills and got a single drake to come in right over the back two dekes. Splash, I've got my drake mottled duck.....no band but I am not particular. I've been looking forward to that day for 10 years now. Brad yelled...."Is it a drake?" I said "Yes...Woo-Hoo"...All I heard was a "Good...let's get the F$%# out of here." The walk out was pretty much the same as the walk in except the ATV seemed like it was moving away as we neared it. I was never so glad to touch an ATV in my life."





http://drundel.com/hunt/dove04/09.18.04/PICT0009.jpg (thank god for breathables)

http://drundel.com/hunt/dove04/09.26.04/PICT0003.jpg (breathables and Shannons Bug tamer to keep off the vampires)



last salt hunt at that lease.

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That's some darned good outdoor storytelling there, amigo!

I'll be looking for you in Outdoor Life soon :cool:


I cannot imagine duck hunting in weather that warm!

Around here, when it's above 50, the ducks disappear into what we presume to be another dimension of space and time.


Great pics!

Great story!

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