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Loading and firing proceedure for the M4


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What is your loading proceedure for the M4. And what exactly is the little red lever on the right side of the receivers roll in it all? The manual has two options on loading and firing. I know this is a kind of a dumb question but I am yet to take mine out and shoot it. I noticed that when I load it up I have to hold in the little lever on the side to keep it cycling. If I chamber 1 round and eject it the next round will not cycle unless the lever is held in. How is this different when you are accutually firing the weapon. Your not going to hold the lever in to cycle the next round then. I know , dumb question . I am ready to be slapped around by you guys a little if need be. :rolleyes:


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That little red lever is the shell release thing.


Just cycling rounds with your hand on the bolt will not hit the shell release.


This is a good feature, as it allows you to pull back the bolt and swap out what shell you are using without having to worry about shells feeding from the mag tube.


When actually shooting, you don't have to do anythign with the shell release. When you fire, the bolt goes back, the shell release is hit, a shell goes onto the lifter, the bolt comes forward, the shell is lfited, the shell is chambered.


All that button does is release a shell from inside the mag tube onto the lifter.


If you experiment, you'll see that the bolt release and the shell release buttons set each other off. AKA, when you push one in, the other one pops out.


As far as actual shooting procedure, I start with the bolt open, throw a shell in, hit the bolt release, load up the tube.


I try to reload the tube while I still have a shell in the chamber ... tactical reload if you will.

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