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Benelli SBEII and 2 3/4 shells

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Hey everyone,


I have a quick question. I am thinking about buying a new SBE II, and it will be a general purpose gun from turkey, geese, pheasant, and clays. Since it must be multi-purpose, it must reliably eject 2 3/4" shells. So has anyone ever had any issues with the SBE II ejecting 2 3/4" shells since it has a 3.5" chamber (and I assume a tighter inertia spring for the bigger loads?)?


I may also consider the legacy or montefeltro if anyone has any opinions.


Thanks in advance!



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It's not so much the length of the shells as it is what's inside them.


Because the Inertia system relies on energy generated from the recoil of the shell being fired, Benelli recommmends using shells that meet a minimum criteria of 3 drams of powder and 1-1/8 ounce of shot.


Many Inertia guns will cycle lighter loads after break-in, but Benelli will make no guarantees regarding the use of any shells that do not meet the minimum specs.


It's simply a matter of physics, and the shell must generate enough energy to properly cycle the action.


If you want to shoot light loads, you can buy aftermarket springs that will allow for this, but again, Benelli will only support the gun in its factory configuration.


[ 09-18-2006, 01:19 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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More information:


Many of today's shotshell manufacturers have stopped labeling their products with the charge weight, and have gone to a velocity lable instead.


This makes it a little more difficult to figure out if they meet the Benelli minimum.


The best rule of thumb is to not use any shells marked "light field" or "light target", as these will be the ones that could give you trouble.

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Thanks Tucker. So then so long as I use a 1-1/8 oz shot load and 3drams, I should be OK?


Anyone have any actual use of 2-3/4" shells that could throw in their opinion. I'm sure you have Tucker, maybe you could ellaborate? I'd appreciate it.



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dove hunted this month - son used BSE 1 shooting 1-1/8 loads- 3 dram. never a problem. we have had 4 different SBEs 1 and 2. no problem whatsoever with 3d 1-1/8 oz. They will also shoot 1 oz AAs ok but don't depend on it. My 2 boys and I have shot tens of thousands of 1-1/8 oz through them in hunting, skeet, and sporting clay situations. NO PROBLEMS. 2-3/4 are fine in this gun. In my opinion more reliable than the m1s and m2s. 99% of function problems in benellis are cheap ammo on sale at wal mart. I always use winchester ammo. AAs or winchester super piegion.

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My SBE II works flawlessly with anything from 3 1/2" to the cheap 1 oz Wal-Mart shells. In two years it has jammed only one duck hunting trip. When I took it apart, I couldn't believe how much gunk and seeds had built up inside the receiver.


I was extremely disgusted that day until I got back home until I saw the extent of the buildup. (I dont' clean it like I should)


The SBE II is like the energizer bunny!

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I dont own an M2 . I have SBE I and II-Cordoba- and 20 ga M1. I have had minor SBE 1 oz issues with Winchester el -cheapo Game loads(the kind with silver colored brass) and the notorious Remington game loads(black nasties). The Cordoba will feed ANYTHING. The little 20 ga M1 does not like the cheap stuff. It will stop working atfer about 4 cases of the cheap stuff if you don't clean it. My buddy just bought 2 M2s and so far they will digest the cheapest dirtiest shells that you can find(even the awful stuff they sell in Mexico and Argentina). I have heard that the M1s had feeding issues when dirty even though I never expierenced this with the 5 or so that I have owned-except for the 20 gauge. I have heard that the M2s are damed near impossible to jam.

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