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What type of gun for a 10 year old.


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I want to get my son a gun to start shooting trap, sporting clay and quail. I was wondering what would be the best type to get, a semi, pump or a OU. Looking for a well rounded gun for several years. Thanks for your advise I have really learned a lot from the forum since buying my M2.

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Paul, AKA Bono?

First and foremost ask your sone which he'd prefer.

A pumper always makes a good first gun. Kind of like a learning to drive on a stick shift.


The pump offers a measure of safety by controlling when the next round is chambered, and it helps to understand the mechanics of the weapon as well.


That said, there's nothing quite like a quality O/U for sense of tradition.

Of course, most youngsters are less concerned with tradition and more interested in the latest/greatest.

So, in that respect, the Cordoba, Montefeltro, or that new M2 20 ga. may be of interest?


Things you didn't disclose:


Height/Weight of son

Gauge Preference


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Another question ... has he had any experience with a gun with substantial recoil? If not, you may want to consider a 20ga, gas operated semi-automatic. Enough gun to grow with, yet soft shooting enough not to beat the kid up and make it an unpleasant experience. Capable of taking just about any game; as long as it's within range.

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Thanks for the reply's. He has no experience, I was going to use this as an introduction. I was planning on going with a 20ga. The type is was I was curious about. I like the pump for saftey reasons but it would be hard for double clays. The youth 870 20 ga. is that a Remington?


Thanks again for all the input.

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