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Concerns about the SBE II before buying it


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Hi, Im looking at the SBE II. I have a few concerns about the purchase, because when someone forks out $1200+ for a shotgun they want it to perform flawlessly. Ive heard stories about the new comfort tech stock being weaker than a normal synthetic stock, and also heard that the rubber incerts have popped out repeatedly or even torn when introduced to heavy cover. Facts or rumors? It seems everything I hear on the forums are positives and complementing Benelli. I really like the form, fit and overall appearence of the SBE II, I just need alittle assurace before paying such a high price for a shotgun. I currently own a Browning A-5, but its time to retire it and get a move on.

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I got the SBE 2 in camo and the only problem I had with mine was some of the camo coming off after I got some bug spray on it that was on my hands. FYI for any one who has the camo models any bug spray with deet will cause the camo to rub off slightly. That is the only problem I have had with mine.

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I hope you went out to purchase that SBE-II.

I have done quite abit of research on the this gun and have been advised that it is the one of the best.

I have purchased one and it just arrived but have not been able to pick -up from local dealer as Iam still waiting for permit to purchase it as all our guns now have to be register.

That is a joke!!!

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