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Brand new Legacy breaks while assembling!! I am SCARED to use this firearm


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While trying to decipher the poor assembly instructions for my brand new Benelli Legacy, I finally gave up and decided to try assembling by instinct. A circular piece of plastic came flying out of the firearm while trying to fit the barrel. I am Scared to use this firearm as I do not know where the cheap piece of plastic goes and fear it is an important safety issue. Please help me assemble this firearm. Any ideas what the plastic piece is or where it goes? Moreover, can someone succinctly explain the assembly directions for this firearm. The manual is atrocious!

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It is a black piece of plastic, Circular, a bit larger in diameter than a quarter. Lifesaver shaped with a hole in the middle. This is an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately, I do not have a digital camera readily available. Look like it attaches to teh bolt or goes insie the barrel. I can't believe a 1300 dollar firearm has ANY plastic components.

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It is part # 167L and it goes inside the wooden handgrip. That problem is solved. It snapped back in. Had I known this firearm had plastic components in it, I would have not purchased it. Live and Learn I guess....Now, can somebody explain how to assemble this firearm. The owners manual is vague and confusing. I don't know if they had an italian with poor English skills translate it or what, but I am having one heck of a time assembling this firearm. I've spent 4 years in the service and never had any issues tearing down and assembling an M-16.

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This is just as easy (assuming its like the SBE)


first pull out the **** bolt handle, its in the way (read the book to make sure you can pull it out) once you do that, push the bolt all the way back so it locks into place.


then put the grip on the barrel and then slide both of those onto the receiver. Screw on the endcap and put the bolt handle back in.


that should be pretty much it.

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I don't own a Legacy but assembling the SBE is tricky the first time. Tehy are similar.


1) I usally click the bolt hold button first, little side button in front of trigger with red dot, then open the action so that the bolt stays back, ie if the gun is assembled the action would be fixed open.


2) Remove the pin from the bolt, ie the thing you grab onto to work the action (bolt handle). This takes a lot of force the first couple of times. The first time I took a piece of leather put it around the bolt handle and used pliers to yank out.


3) If the stock is still on magazine tube take off and attach to bottom of barrel. Slide barrel down into place with stock going over magazine tube. Put cap back over end of magazine tube. Put pin back into bolt until it clicks.


If my advice is off base, then take back to gun store and have them assemble. The above instructions are how I generally put my SBE togethter, removing pin on the SBE was the scary part.


[ 07-01-2004, 10:00 PM: Message edited by: shell waster ]

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I give up on this! In this day and age, why can't a company that manufactures high-end firearms have a video on their web-site that demonstrates how to assemble and disassemble a firearm? Moreover, if the company only sells through 'authorized dealers' and not mass market discounters, why not make it mandatory for those 'authorized dealers' to at least offer how to demonstrate the proper operation of the firearm. I can get cash and carry at Wal-Mart. Paying a premium going through an 'authorized dealer' should entitle one to more than 'cash and carry'.

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can't get back to bed so bear with me here my Legacy is elsewhere so I'm showing my SBE .. same general set-up...

you really don't need to remove the bolt handle ...



shown are the 4 basic parts: stock/reciever, bolt, barrel and fore...



attatch the fore to the barrel..



dump the bolt into the reciever top/barrel...



mate the reciever/mag tube with the barrel/bolt and fore ...



shimmy the reciever/mag tube into the fore keeping the two slightly parallel.... you're gonna have to wiggle it around slightly ... its not going to break ...


[ 07-03-2004, 08:53 PM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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keep sliding the barrel/fore back...



*important* - when you get this far, drop the bolt link or 'tongue' down so it rides the base of the reciever behind the trigger assembley...



now back the two together until they mate ... the action could be open or closed at this point depending how the bolt was seated in the reciever ... it makes no difference ...



now the gun should look like this ... stock/reciever and fore/barrel mated together...



all you have to do now is screw on the forend cap.



** VOILA ** ;)


hope this helps ya'll ...


[ 07-03-2004, 09:26 PM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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