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porting is a smart move,,my Benelli Practical is factory ported and it really does reduce the muzzel jump,,,,people may say don;t be near the barrel when it goes off cause of more bang and smoke,,thats mainly for hunters in a blind or so,,,,I'm eventually gonna do it to my fighting Benelli shotguns,starting with the 1983 -121 M1 ;)


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The last three guys I know that bought ported Benelli's for duck hunting sold them within a year (Sport II's).


All three went with SBE II's. They would have loved to buy the Cordoba, but it is ported too.


Loved the guns, just didn't like the noise themselves, and their blind partners felt the same way.


Many of us out here shoot out of tanks in the levees. Straight overhead is a preferred shot. Porting is heck on a tank blind partner!


mudhen - CA

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My ported SBE 2 does not seem to be any louder than when it was not ported. My brother has the same gun non ported and when we shoot they sound the same. I also had the Cordoba (sold it) and it did not seem any louder either partner!!


I guess the only true way would be to do a test with a decibel meter.

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