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Barrel length


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I'm going to buy a SBEII i will mainly use it for turkeys but will do some small game hunting with it from time to time. I wanted it with a 26" barrel i would like to know what others are using. Would a 24" work as well or do you think they are to short and there is also the 28" to consider. What seens to be the best all around.

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On modern guns such as the SBEII, barrel length has no bearing on pattern density. It's all in the selected choke tube.


Barrel length does affect your sighting.

Longer barrels offer a longer sighting plane and thus give the illusion of being closer to the target. Longer barrels also help a wing shooter make a more fluid swing and follow through on moving targets.


Shorter barrels have obvious advantages in heavier cover, and they are preferred by birders who hunt over pointing dogs, deer hunters, and turkey hunters.


Another thing to consider is the fact the sighting plane on a 24" semi-auto is about the same as it is on a 28" O/U or SXS. This is because that longer receiver extends the plane by several inches, making it the barrel appear longer in the sight picture.


With no other game considered, the 24" is the best selection for turkey hunting. The target is generally still or barely moving, and many turkey hunters use low power optics which take barrel length completely out of the equation anyway.


26" is a good selection if your small game hunting is going to include some wingshooting on doves, ducks, geese, etc.


If your small game shooting is going to be flushed birds, rabbits, and the like, then the 24" is your best choice.


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I mostly hunt ducks and I started with a 28" pump. Shot it for about 10 years then swithed to a 30" pump for a couple then went to a 24" pump for 10 more years and they all worked great. Was a little worried about the 24" at first but never wondered after I started hunting with it. My SBE is 26" and I love it too and shoot better with it than any of the others.

Choke tube and pattern testing are the key.

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