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Regarding R1 Accuracy


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There have been several whinings lately regarding the R1's accuracy, heavy trigger pull, and so on....



Benelli R1 30-06 22"

Remington Premier Accutip 150 gr. BT

Leupold VXII 3-9 X 50mm Heavy Duplex



Partly cloudy

~70 F

5 mph. crosswind right to left


Three shots fired at 30 second intervals.




So, to those who have been whining that the trigger pull is prohibitive to accuracy, I say, "Try harder".


[ 10-02-2005, 02:21 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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Most excellent shooting Tucker!


Seems about right for my R1 also. I have a 20" barrel 300 Win Mag that seems to like 150 grain Sierra GameKing or 150 grain Hornady Interbond SST's the best. Factory loaded in PMC and Hornandy respectivley.


Personally, I do not find the trigger pull to be an issue. If anything, for me, the lack of a well defined breaking point adds to accuracy in that I apply even pressure all thru the pull, eliminating a pressure spike that may cause the rifle to climb a bit. Also, unlike when a camera button is pressed just before the blinding flash, my body doesn't instictively flinch "on Cue" because there really isn't one. I do, however, have my eyes closed in every flash photo taken of me.


Out of curiousity, was the third shot the one up and bit right?


Oh, and to those who dislike the trigger pull, I'll say, "Apply even pressure".



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Yes, the third one was the high one.

I think the barrel was beginning to heat up and string just a bit.

It's really hard to say for sure though. The heavy duplex crosshairs on the Leupold totally covered the orange dot, so I just held as close as I could.


Mine also has the old style indexed locking cap, but I've got a torque cap on the way.

I'll be interested to see if it makes a difference.

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Congradulations...Your 30/06 shot almost as good of a group as my .308 last time out at the range.You might try the Remington 150 gr. pointed soft poin core lokt to see if you improve further.They did in my gun! How many rounds did you shhot total? Was your lock-cp loose after you finished shooting?


I have to say that I was one of the major critics of the R-1's stiff trigger. While these rifles do have a heavy trigger pull they do have a smooth release .


I am going back to the range this week to see how consistant my groups really were. ( 1/2" @100 yds last time out)


I really appreciate Benelli providing this forum site. It has helped me immensley. The Benelli R-1 is a project in progress. The guns seem to get better and better as you tweak them.


keep up the good work guys!

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Your barrel has been cryogenically tempered, so there won't be any "stringing" issues. Your factory ammo, the breeze, or somethnig else moved that last shot. As for your group size, there isn't a police sniper in the country that would hesitate to take a rifle shooting groups like that to a SWAT call out. The R1 was never intended to shoot ragged hole groups like a $5k benchrest system. If that group doesn't impress people, they don't understand the dynamics of shooting an out of the box, semi-automatic rifle with factory ammo. that group should have ANY shooter grinning ear to ear and trying not giggle!

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Pretty old thread.... but, thanks for the comments.


I'll have to disagree on the stringing comment, however.

The cryo treatment merely improves the molecular structure of the metal to make it more uniform.

The barrel will still heat, the metal will still expand, and it will string due to uneven pressures from the mounting system.


The harmonics of the barrel as the bullet passes through and exits will vary, depending upon the temperature variances as well.

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Take a look at the exterior ballistics chart above.

You'll see some interesting things happening downrange.


The relatively light and fast 70 grain bullet gets out of the gate fast, but drops as the lighter bullet loses steam downrange.

The heavier/slower 100 grain drops about the same amount because more energy and thus momentum is retained with the heavier bullet.


One could get a compensator dial setup for the 70 grain, and with practice take chucks at 500 yards.

That same dial would put him within a couple of inches of point of aim on whitetail deer at extended ranges.


There is, of course, a lot more to long range shooting than turning a dial. Windage must be read and adjusted for. Cant must be eliminated.

And lots of practice will build the confidence to know when to shoot and when to get closer.


By the way, the above data is from Federals Ballistics program and can be downloaded from their site.

You can plug in wind speeds, elevations, etc. and tweak your loads to suit your situations.

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