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Benelli R1 comfortech in stock at Cabela's


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In case anyone might be mildly interested (LOL), Cabela's here in Michigan (Dundee location) has the Comfortech Benelli R1's IN STOCK! I saw it yesterday (Monday Oct 24th) and oh my gosh, what a nice gun!!! It is a beauty and fits very softly in my shoulder. I am absolutely green with envy.


They have a 30-06 and a 300 Win Mag both for $1199.99. That's about $250 more than I paid for the Woody version from them. (Does that sound right? None-the less, LOL) Their phone number is 734-529-4700. If you have a Cabela's near you I'd look them up and call if you're interested. I do not know if they'll hold one for you but it's worth asking.


I can tell you, I love the figured walnut on my R1 300 WM, but if I had it to do over it wouldn't think twice about the choice: Comfortech for sure! I shot 140 rounds a little over a week ago and even with a muzzle brake my shoulder began to "feel the pain". More on that topic later.



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Originally posted by Alien Attack:

I'm going to take the $500 loss, by trading in my current R1 and buying the comfortech

trade -

Definition: Drop the t, flip the d :D


$500 =

10 Private Lap Dances :D

3-6 Tanks of Gas

10 Steak Dinners

1 20" LCD Wide Flatscreen

1-2 Month's Heat This Winter

1 Set of New Tires for Your 4X4

1 Savage Stainless Steel Varmint Rifle

1 Leupold 4-14X50 VXII


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Well I got my comfortech and wow was it worth it!!!

At first I would have rather had the 22" barrel instead of the 24" barrel, but after shooting it at the range it has seemed to help my accuracy. I wouldn't think that 2 inches on a barrel could a/effect accuracy that much, but I had two groups @ 100yds that all 3 rounds were touching. As eluded to in my other post my digital is on the fritz otherwise I would post the pics. Luck? Maybe, but 2 different groups? The funny thing was the guys in the stalls (at the rifle range ) to the left and right saw my groups and wanted to know what kind of gunsmithing I had on my bolt to get those groups.... lol... I told them I had the bolt removed, added a rotating bolt head and had an argo system installed. You could tell by their perplexed look they had no idea what I was talking about or how the rifle could even function like that... It was a hot topic at the range once they found out it wasn't a bolt action...


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I was in Rogers, Minnesota's Cableas 3 weeks ago and when I wanted to buy the confortec, they told me that my back ground is not "clear" and I have been "delayed" I had to leave the next day so I didn't get my gun. After two days, they called me and said you can come and pick it up. I said No thanks!!!! I drove to WV Cableas from NC and got one from there and just came home with it.


Once I shoot it, I will update you guys about it...so hang on!!!

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