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.300 WM R1


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Sorry this might irritate other folks, but I was just going through the R1 threads and noticed a lot of people who owns one have it chambered in .300 WM. I was just wondering why? That's all. Plan to grab myself one in the next month or so in .270 WSM(friggin' expensive, but the looks seduces me). Wood or comfortech? Pain or less pain? Looks or depending quality? I'll find out soon enough.


See ya.


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Just bought R1 300 win mag from west verginia cabelas with 4.5-10 x 10 Leupold scope and mounts. Cost me over 2 grand and I am dead tired of driving from north carolina to WV and back here. It was a total trip of over 1300 miles and believe me, it was ONLY for comfertec R1. Now you may thing why drive 1300 miles to West Verginia? the answer is, Comfortec!! it was not availabe here in my area. Had to bribe my wife for $150 worth of shoes from Cabelas but it worth it.


I will go to shooting range tommorrow and will updage you guys soon....

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Does less recoil affect the consistant accuracy of the rifle? Are these R1's even accurate? Out to 350-500 yards? Would I be better off with a bolt action rifle in this situation? I'm doin' bean field hunting this spring and need something. Thanks.


BTW 1,500 miles for a rifle. I was only thinking 300 for me. WOW


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Less recoil doesn't affect accuracy with regard to the operation of the rifle, because the recoil is repeated with each firing.


However, recoil can easily cause flinching by the shooter, which in turn can greatly affect accuracy.


With proper load development, some tweaking, and the right equipment behind the buttstock, the R1 is capable of 1-2 MOA accuracy.

In rough translation, 1 MOA=1" at 100 yards.


Click Here for a more in-depth explanation of MOA.


I, personally would not buy an R1 for anything over 200-250 yards on deer-sized game.

This is not what the gun was designed to do.


If you want a really good beanfield rifle - right out of the box - look at the Savage line of bolt action rifles.


There are many good long-range calibers in the 30 cal. / 7mm range, so I won't get into which caliber is best for you.

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I agree that the semi auto's are not 300 yard rifles ... unless you get lucky and come across a freak that shoots 1" at 200 yards. From casually reading the R1 posts over the last year or so, I've gotten the impression that it's not a particularly accurate rifle in the hands of the average shooter. I'd guess if the average Joe took the time to try out all the ammunition out there; individual R1's could be made to shoot pretty respectably though.

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OK, I went to sight in my new R1 300 WM today at my friend's hunting club with him. I also took my old Savage 30-06 too. When I reached there, I decided to take a short walk first with my 30-06 and in half an hour, I came back with a deer. So, after skinning the deer, there was not much time left for R1.


So I will go there again tomorrow and will update you guys. Good thing that in NC they allow 6 deer in one license. Not only that, you can get one bear, turkey and a wild boar too. All for only $40...

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After reading your post I checked my license and let me correct the numbers this time. 6 Deer, 2 Wild Boars, 2 Wild Turkeys and 1 Bear to be exact in $40.


I lived in Saint Cloud, MN for 5 years. I did my bachelors and then my masters there. I know in MN a Bear cost $40 and deer cost $27 and then you have to pay more if you want to get the doe. The season also lasts for only 2 weeks. That is the reason I mentioned that NC is SO CHEAP. There is only one thing that sucks here, NO Hunting on Sundays.


I went to MN this year just for hunting and I got 2 from Millac county near Onamia. On my way back to NC, I stopped at Rogers Cabelas for R1 and my background check was delayed. I couldn't get my gun from there. Later, I drove from NC to WV and got R1. I am getting excited to shoot it tomorrow for very first time.....

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In VA, ours are just slightly higher at $45 for about the same package.

A few years ago, if we used up our tags that cam with the original purchase, we could buy an unlimited amout of additional tags.

I think you got 3 more for $15, but I'm not sure of that number.

I know some guys who, with those tags and landowner crop damage tags, killed over 30 deer a year.

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What do you have to kill for that deal?? The majority of North Carolina and Virginia are probably country/forest land huh? Probably over populated with game animals, but I can gaurantee at this rate it wont last long (few more years), or maybe I'm wrong. Wheter the case have a ton of fun. =)


Say...... how much are elk licenses?? J/W

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The regular deer license and season in VA also covers you on elk, but there are very few elk here.


The Virginia Game Commission wants us to kill every elk we see on VA soil.

This is because they do not support the elk re-stocking programs in neighboring states.


They say not enough research has been done and they're afraid that bringing elk in from the Rockies and dessert mountain states may also bring in diseases and parasites to which the local deer populations have no resistance.


The vast majority of my area, Piedmont VA (in the middle), is hardwood and pine forests mixed with agriculture.


Here, the farms and fields are small, compared to the midwest. An average farm may be only 50-100 acres, but they're all bordering each other.

Fields over 15 acres in size are quite rare.


An increasing trend here is to plant pines and harvest them in 15-20 years.


The mix of old-growth hardwoods, smal fileds and woodlots, plenty of rivers and streams, and pine thickets is pretty much as good as it gets for deer.


I live in town, and my neighborhood is pretty much full of houses, with a new development going in behind us.

I have seen as many as 13 deer in my yard at one time.


Here's a view from my den window from late summer 2004.



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Here in Florida, for $17.50 you could theoretically get 180 deer (daily bag limit of 2, no season limit and we don't use tags), 4 turkeys and as many hogs as you care to deal with. And that's only counting general gun season.


Oh, and our deer population is quite stable.

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OK people,


Finally I found a shooting range here in NC about one and half hour drive one way with 4 different boxes of shells for my new R1 300 WM Comfertec. I shot 80 bullets. I started at 25 yards and in the end, I got a group or 1" at 100 yard with Hornaday 180 gr and 1" ~ 1.5" with Winchester Supreme AccuBond 180 gr.


I am really very happy with the recoil. I did feel a little in the first few shots but after that, I didn’t felt any. To be honest, I felt less recoil in R1 then my Savage 30-06 with 180 gr Remington bullet. I shot both guns today.


I wish the shooting range was close to my place but a three hours drive was worth going to range and shooting 80 shots. No jam at all but the barrel gets really hot pretty soon. I think that is normal with that many shots.


My conclusion, Benelli R1 300WM Comfortec is worth every penny.

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