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Finally....Scope Next


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I began looking at the R1 Comfortech 300 WSM this past spring and finally decided to move forward. I have been bouncing back and forth between an auto and a bolt (Kimber 8400). I have always had an auto, and never had any problems with them literally in the 30 years I have been hunting. Cabelas is running a special that gives you a $150 credit for purchases over $500. Certainly enough reason for me to finally move foward.


Next up is the scope. Hoping for some thoughts. The gun will be used almost exclusively for deer hunting in WI. It will hopefully end up out west some day looking for Elk. I was looking at the Leupold VXIII 3.5x10, in either the 40 or 50 mm objective. As I was brousing, I also saw a scope from Zeiss. It was the Conquest 3.5-10, with a 44mm objective. What few reviews I could find were favorable. Around here the Leupold is what most other scopes are judged against. Any thoughts on these two, or any other suggestiions? The guys at Cabelas really like the Nikons.




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Leupold and Zeiss are pretty much equal in quality and performance, with Nikon running somewhat behind.


I've had them side-by-side and couldn't discern an advantage one way or the other.


I've always chosen Leupold for their wider availability of shades, covers and accessories, but either will be fine.


The 44mm objective seems to be nice middle ground between having a scope that gathers low light and one that doesn't look too obtrusive atop the sleek and slender R1.

3.5-10 is the perfect deer range for most hunters.


Tip: Try the trigger on the R1 before making a final commitment to get one. Some buyers find the relatively heavy pull a bit much to deal with.


Also, don't expect bolt action accuracy from the R1. The Kimber 8400 has the potential to shoot sub MOA built into the design.

The R1 would require a fair amount of luck and some serious twealking to shoot that well.


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For vari x III cash I would take a hard look a Zeiss conquest, Kahles, or Swarovski 1" tube. Kahles and Zeiss conquest have pretty much cleaned Leupold's clock in the last few years in that price market. No way would I pay 500+ for leupold. Check out SWFA- sample list on the web. Salesman's sample stuff like new- most still have the warranty cards in the box. KILLER prices. You can get a nice Kahles for that price. Highly reccomend.

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Originally posted by winchester21:

No way would I pay 500+ for leupold.

Some people are OK with settling for less.

Nothing wrong with that.


I've owned Tasco, Simmons, Nikon, Zeiss, Bushnell, BSA, Burris, Swift, Weaver, Redfield, and Leupold scopes.


The only ones I've been truly satisfied with are the Leupolds.

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Certainly nothing wrong with leupolds. I have several and have NEVER had a problem with any of them. I have had hunting trips involving travel ruined by Redfield and Nikon scopes(early models). A friend of mine had a serious warranty issue on a 1500.00 pair of Zeiss binoculars(water dammage from deer hunting in the rain). In spite of this I still think the Conquest is a excellent choice for the money. I have abused and accidentaly dropped my Swarovski stuff over the years and they have never denied a warranty claim. If I have learned anything from 30+ years of buying deer rifles it is this. If you have 1400.00 to spend on a deer rifle/scope combo-spend 400.00 on a rifle and 1000.00 on a scope. The guy who spends a small fortune on a high $ rifle and pennies on a scope is making a mistake. I learned the hard way. The vari x 3's is a great scope but it's price puts it close to some elite company. At that point, the german stuff deserves a serious look. Strictly a personal choice and a bang for the buck issue. For 500 bucks you can pick up some really badass stuff from the SWFA sample list.

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Thanks guys for all the thoughts. I finally bought my R1 Comfortech in 300 WSM. I put the Zeiss Conquest 3.5x10 on top of it. When I was in the store, I compared the Leupold VXIII to the Nikon and Zeiss. I really thought the Zeiss was noticably cleaner and sharper then either of the other scopes. In fact I even questioned the counter guy regarding whether something was wrong the the VXIII. I am not as involved in this gear as some guys, but I had really expected the Leupold to be the best. I was surprised and even asked if something was wrong withe the VXIII.


Tucker you'll be interested to know the R1 came in at 5 lbs on the trigger out of the box. I just dropped it back off for some trigger work. They think they can get it down to about 4~ lbs. I'll know what they got done in about 2 weeks.


Anyone with thoughts on what shells I should shoot? The target is a Wisconsin Whitetail. I have about 50 rounds through the gun. Winchester XP3 (150), Fusion 165 and a Federal Accubond in 180. I did also go through the break in process Tucker and others suggested. It takes some time, but it was nice sunny day and enjoyable time with the new toy. I was getting iratic groupings however. I would get 2 shots just under an inch a part, then I would get one 2-3 inches away. Someone suggested the 5 lbs of trigger could be the culprit. Maybe it was me, maybe the trigger, maybe the ammo???


I should also add that my R1 is a Comfortech, and the recoil is relatively speaking light. I can't ever imagine getting scope bit by this gun. The first time out I was shooting in a t-shirt and eventually no shirt. It is pretty tame.


thanks to all that have helped me to this point. Any other advice is appreciated.



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Nice choice on the Zeiss. You won't be sorry making that decision. The VX-III is certainly acceptable but IMHO the Zeiss is better for the $$.I am using a 300 WM comfortech with a 3.5 x 10 swarovski similar to your Zeiss. . I am getting about 1-1/2" groups with winchester ballistic silvertips 180grain. If I could do something about this %*&@!!! trigger, I think the gun would shoot under an inch. The SC season is next week , so that issue will have to wait til after the season is out. The 180 gr 300 Wm round is devastating. I have shot 2 300 lb+ whitetails in Canada with this round and it dropped them both in their tracks. sounds like you made all the right choices. good luck.

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