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Camo comfortech


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I like camo form tape. It's neat stuff - doesn't wear off and protects my pretty walnut finish. Oh, it also looks way cool. Has some limitations though - if it gets drenched it may hold water against the firearm. (Yikes!)




That is my R1 in my hands. Ran out of camo form on the scope -- too bad cause it was realtree version which you can not get any more. If I want to re-do it I'll have to settle for Mossy oak, a military pattern, or one that makes the R1 look and shoot exactly like a BAR under water with +P ammo.


Here's a link to the stuff: http://www.buysourceone.com/new/camo_wrap/camo_wrap.shtml




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the camo wrap looks just like the stuff I need- I really hated the idea of tape and there did not seem to be another option. This stuff looks like Co Ban we use for dressings etc. You should include in your list of uses for this camo stuff on your gun - that you could strip it off the gun and place it over a dressing ( Kotex pads in their plastic storage wrap - cheap, sterile and truly embarrasing to buy make a great field dressing).

When you get to the ER to have your 'deer gut' laceration sutured - they may even have a hard time finding it!


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