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couple pics of my new R1 with a Leupold VX-L 50mm

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Pretty Cool Looking! I'll say one thing, the Comfortech is one nice looking gun. When I got mine, I first drew the line at $500 for my scope, considering the VX III. I eventually ended up with a Zeiss I liked for a little more. I liked the VXL, but had to draw the line somewhere.


Did you get it at the new Cabelas in Richfield? I live just West of Madison, and that is about as close as I would want to be to a store with so many toys. I was just there last week to pick up a pair of Zeiss binos.


Good luck Nov 18!



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One more thing. Several R1 owners have had problems with groups. Things I can tell you. No gun shoots well dirty, but the R1 appears to be really sensitive to fouling. Maybe that is more normal than I have had experience with, but you may find that 15 shots in, you'll start throwing shells...and it will likely be because it needs a very thorough cleaning. The other thing that no one in sales or in Benellis lit. tells you is that Benelli specs the gun at 2.5" at 100 yards.


I just got my gun back from Benelli because it wouldn't group. They told me that after extensive cleaning, they got a 1.25" group. I thought ok, maybe I need to learn more about cleaing the gun. Then I got the gun back, with the target, which reflects a 2.25" group, and that is considered within Benelli spec.


I suspect that if Benelli advertised the gun's accuracy as 2.5", few would buy it. It is a cool gun, but its accuracy appears to vary by gun. It isn't a bolt so shooting sub MOA, or even 1 MOA wasn't my expectation, but I thought, wrongly, that 1-2" would come - I even spoke with a Benelli rep.


Mine is a 300 WSM.


Lastly, others, like Tucker, have managed to get their R1 to shoot some **** good groups (1" or less). I don't know what exactly they did to make that happen, but I seem to recall Tucker also saying that he thought the gun was very sensitive.


Ok now lastly, I think you'll really like the recoil. For a 300 mag, it was pretty mild.


Good luck. If you get a good group, let me know what you were shooting. Mine did not like Winchesters, 150s or 180s. It did ok with 165 Fusions. I am going to try two Federals this weekend.


Have fun.


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The shot on this bou was only at about 60 yards, however he was running like his but was on fire, nice to have a rifle that you can shoot and stay in the scope for the follow up shot. Hit him with the 3rd shot. My R-1 is a great rifle and it spits Barnes X bullets like darts. The proof is on the ground. Lets see what other have bagged with thier Bennelli's.


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