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870 better than Nova? C'mon

Waxed Canvas

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The 870 Express is a piece of junk. I bought one because I am left handed. It jams constantly, The Browning BPS is too complicated for me to break down and does not fit me.


MY new Nova has worked just fine and I plan on having the left handed trigger group installed this year.


I have missed more ducks to to an 870 jamming than any other shotgun be it O/U, semi-auto or Pump. I have hunted with and prefer pumps since 1988 so I am past the operator error part of the equation.

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I had a problem with my old 870 wingmaster magnum but, it was due to Remington's crimps expanding too much on their hot 3" steel loads... Federals worked fine. Since then I've never had a problem with it. Geeze, I think the guns been in the water more times than I have. Each time it came back up asking for more. a guy couldn't abuse it more with-out cutting it in half. I clean the thing with 87 octane Gas ... it loves it!


-6 million+ 870's sold in the past 50yrs

-close to 30 different model configurations recently

-gauges .410 - 12

-more accessories than carter has liver pills



I'm sure the Nova is going to be another 'classic' as soon as it earns it's tenure.


to say the 870's junk .... c'mon ...

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i have to agree with birddog 870's have been to war and i know a bunch of cops that use them for high risk warrents. you can get any thing for them anyware. lets face it evan though i love my ol mossy if i felt so inclined i would give it up for an 870 before any onther pump gun in a hartbeat. if you had problems with yours im shure there was somthing simple wrong with it or maby it was in need of a good overall cleaning/service or differnt loads.

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"Holy can of worms batman ...."


forcing cones? ... starts at the end of the chamber and tapers to the bore diameter usually 3/8" - 1/2" long @ 7 degree angle. Best if gradual 1-1/2"-2" long @ 1-1/2 degrees... this has no effect on cyclic performance of a pump gun at all.


choke theads? ... ?? whatever..


as for Milling marks on the inside of the recievers?? ... each cutting head will have different wear patterns and quirks with tollerances measured at thousandths of an inch...


yes - they are obviously finished in various materials but the basic platform and action are the same.


for what it's worth....

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For what it's worth once again.

870 Express= Cheap version

Forcing cones- need to be smoothed

Choke threads-Alot of are misaligned

Inside receiver- To work properly- rails on most have to be lapped, and the walls smoothed with a dremal tool.

Close to 100% plastic trigger assy.

The Express does serve a purpose. It is a cheap, disposable shotgun.

The parts may be the same. Finish is Not.


[ 01-21-2004, 05:58 AM: Message edited by: BLKLABMAN ]

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point made BLKLABMAN - we went to different schools together.


I've never run into anyone that has had to re-surface anything on an express but if it's happened it's happened.


My 12yr old nephew shoots trap and sporting clays with a new express that's been modified slightly but nothing mechanically ... probably over 1000 rnds in the past year - never jambed on him (knock on wood), tubes have always switched well and it patterns with a point of impact that's accurate and consistant. We havn't polished anything on it and the kid does fine with it. just keep it clean and lightly oiled.


-- all for $250.00 and change ...


[ 01-21-2004, 02:36 PM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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I apologize to you. I have re-read my first two post, and they came off sounding very snotty.

I did not mean for them to. I am sorry.

The 870 is a Wonderful shotgun. Its was my first one. My father bought me a Wingmaster w/a 32 inch full choke barrel when I was 10. The thing was just about taller than me. hehehehe

It is still shucking shells. I have however added a Hastings 26" barrel to it.

I hope to buy another 870 here in a day or two from a guy on the Refuge.

Funny how we try everthing in the world. O/U's, semi-auto's of every make and model. But when it is all said and done, we always come back to what works the best.

Take care, and please know that I did not mean to come off sounding the way I did in the earlier posts.



We have talked enough over at the Refuge. If you ever get up into the Chattanooga area, you have an open invitation to oour blind. It is there for your asking. I hope you get your problem worked out.

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BLKLABMAN - Don't worry about it - convictions run deep and tangents too easy. I don't know about snotty - we've all got opinions - as you see I have my own.


We're all friends here that bring different things to the table. No harm in any of it.


wouldn't be lookin to get rid of that 32" barrel would you?? haha!

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I ran into this quote the other day at Robar Companies Inc. gunsmiths in Pheonix, AZ and thought it interesting:


Quote by Sir Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls Royce:


"Take the best and make it better. If it doesn't exist, create it. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough. Sixteen years ago Robar 'operated' on a Remington 870 for me, taking one of the best and making it better."


[ 02-05-2004, 12:06 PM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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Just my opinion-

My friend recently bought a 870 super mag. And let me tell you, that gun has been to **** and back. It has been dropped in the water, on concrete, rocks, gravel, you name it. The gun is absolutely unbreakable. It has never jammed up on him. He has shot about 500 shells out of it. Never misfired, not a problem with the gun yet. On our last duck hunting excursion he let me use the 870 and he used my Ithaca. My, what a nice gun. I have no complaints. Except that I dont have one. What a wonderful gun. A+

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