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Wood Ducks


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Quid pro quo--

You tell me where I can shoot one, and I'll tell you how to cook one...


Marinate and grill

Chicken fry



There are lots of different ways, and many different books and opinions on how is best. Just try some different techniques and find one you like.

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Pick all shot out of breast, wrap in bacon, and grill. Do as Birddog suggested, don't over cook. I like to marinade mine in italian dressing before wrapping in bacon. I've even sliced the breast and put a clove of garlic or a slice of jalapeno in the breast before wrapping in bacon. Enjoy.

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I'm sure they've been eaten already but here is my favorite recipe.


1. Brown the ducks thoroughly in olive oil along with some andouille sausage.

2. Remove when browned and add to a baking pan.

3. Add chopped onions, bell peppers, celery and any other vegetables to the skillet and cook down.

4. Stuff each duck with the sausage and slices of fresh jalepeno and green apples.

5. After the vegetables are cooked down and are soft spread across the top of the ducks.

6. Add a 50:50 mixture of Italian dressing:White Cooking wine to a depth of halfway up the bird.

7. Cover very well so it doesn't dry out and bake on 350 for 2-3 hours until done (varies with different ducks)


***As long as you have enough italian dressing and wine its almost impossible to dry the bird out if its placed breast down. I cook mine until they are literally falling apart. I usually cook Teal with this recipe using around 4 Teal with a lb of sausage and cook them for 2 1/2 hours.

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