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Resident Goose Seasons


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Originally posted by Webfoot:

The conservation dept. is a little slow this year, or at least slow in getting information to their website. Missouri usually has an early Canada Goose season in mid-September but I have not found any information yet.

Yea they need to hurry up. They have not even posted anything about the early teal season neither. Boy are they SLOWWWW
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Hey Beman,


They're posted just not readily accessible.


If you go to the home page and click on hunting and trapping at the top it will give you an option for Missouri Game birds. If you follow that and select the "seasons page" it will take you right to it.


Sept 10th to Sept 18th.


I would give you a link but the page never changes from missouriconservation.com. :confused:


Good Hunting


What part of MO are you from?


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Our first outing this year was Saturday AM.

We have two blinds in an old fish hatchery. We decided to set up in the lower blind.

Shortly after legal shooting, about 150 Canadas starting getting up from the area of our upper blind, hooked over the adjoining woodline, and were gone :mad:


We went back Saturday evening, expecting them to return to their roosting spot.



I guess a bit more scouting is in order :(


Didn't see any snakes, but there were plenty of wasps in the upper blind.

WD-40 is a lousy gun oil, but it makes a great wasp spray!


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Idaho Fish and Game have an excellent website. Easy to use, easy to find what you are looking for, informative. But man, they are s-l-o-w to get their regs up to date.


I believe waterfowl opens up in October for us, and here it is the 11th of September and they "still" don't have the 2005 waterfowl regs posted.

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In our flyaway zone, dark geese opens on the 2nd of October. I wish it opened in September. However, the well-supported rumor is that CO left the season for light geese open until the end of April this year (unlimited bag limit also).


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