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Chest Waders


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I'm going to give waterfowl a try this fall. Are chest waders a must? I may or may not have a dog that will retrieve, so that is yet to be determined, so should I plan on having a pair of waders to retrieve birds? And what kind do any of you prefer?


I see there are the stocking feet kind, and then you wear whatever boots, and then the booted kind so you don't have to wear boots as they are built in. And they range in price. Greatly. From cheap to "expensive".


Any preferences?


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If you think you're going to have go into water deeper than your knees, then you'll need waders.


Waders are a biatch for long walks, so hip boots would be a better choice as long as they meet the depth needs OK.


I like the uninsulated cordura boot foot waders for warm weather and the insulated neoprene boot foot for when it gets below 40.


Both of mine came from ebay , but Cabelas has a great selection and their prices are decent. I've never had any problems with their Cabelas Brand in other clothing, and I expect their waders to be of the same good quality.


I always buy mine a half size larger than nornmal to allow for heavy socks.


Also make sure you get suspenders and a belt.

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Stocking foot waders if you hunt bad mud, or have narrow to small feet. They tend to get very cold up north and in the midwest...


Go with waders until you get a few duck hunts under your belt... they are warmer, and give you more options..


Where ever you hunt take a partner with you while starting out. While ducks are not a dangerous animal, the activities it takes to hunt them can get real dangerous. Water-mud-boats,ect..


As a fat hunter, when suited up I can not see my own feet...lol (keeps me warm and ready) I like my new waders with a huge zipper on them... That way I stay warm, and can relieve all the Duck Commander coffee we injest while carrying decoys and hiking to the hole in the dark...

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Boot foot neoprene waders, either Hodgman, Lacrosse or Cabelas. The grams of thinsulate in the foot would depend on how cold it gets where you hunt, i.e. 1200 - 1600 grams for the midwest and northern states, 1000 gram (nothing less) for most of the rest of the country. In some areas you can get by with 600 grams, but usually more is better! I live in Northeast Texas, hunt here, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee - my preference is MO Breakup Hodgman neoprene, 1200 grams of thinsulate!


Buckshot40 :D

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